Why can't I play content on Netflix?


If you have a Netflix subscription and you are unable to play content on the application on your 4K TV Box, or are seeing one of the following error codes: NW-undefined–undefined, NW-8-19, NW-9-19, then you should perform a 'Reset Settings Only' operation from the Settings menu on your box.

How to perform a 'Reset Settings Only' operation: 

  • Click HOME button
  • Click down to Settings
  • Click down to System Settings
  • Click down to Box Reset
  • Select Rest Settings Only
  • Enter your pin (this is 0000 by default)
  • Click Continue on the ‘Are you sure?’ screen

This type of reset operation will not erase your stored recordings, however, it does remove all settings data, including wireless network passwords, postcode and other On-Demand player logins. This means you'll need to set these up once more after you've completed the 'Reset Settings Only' operation.

If your problem persists after following these steps please use the Support form, available in the bottom right of your screen to contact our Customer Team. Be sure to include what troubleshooting steps you have already carried out and the software version installed on your box.


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