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Don't want to miss out on great telly?

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Switch to Freesat today and enjoy more than 170 channels with 25 in HD1, plus On Demand apps2 at your fingertips!

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Great reception

Get 100% channel coverage across the UK3, plus new satellite channels are added automatically so there is no need to retune.


Record 4 shows at once

Record up to 4 things at the same time4 plus Pause, Rewind and Restart live TVwith our Recordable 4K TV Boxes.

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No sky-high bills

Being subscription free means no monthly TV bills, contracts or price hikes6.

Oh, and it's easy to switch...

Discover how in 4 quick steps

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Step 1: Equipment 

You'll need a 4K TV Box (recordable or non-recordable) and a working satellite dish to use and receive Freesat. If you don't have a dish, you can find a local installer at Getmeviewing.

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Step 2: Plug in

Once you've got your hands on your new Freesat set top box, all you need to do is plug your satellite dish cables into the back of your box. They will be shown as RF IN 1 and RF IN 2.

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Step 3: Connect your TV

Use the HDMI cable that came with your Freesat 4K TV Box and connect it from the back of the box to your TV.

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Step 4: Connect the Internet

In order to make the most of the Freesat service, we always recommend connecting the box to your Internet, either via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This enables you to watch some of the On Demand services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and Netflix. It also means you can access features such as Live Restart on certain channels.

Choose a set top box to get started

The Recordable 4K TV Box

Stream On Demand content, record unmissable programmes or pause live TV so you can make yourself a cup of tea. Available in 500GB (approx. 250 SD hours), 1TB (approx. 500 SD hours) and 2TB (approx. 1000 SD hours) models.

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Non-recordable 4K TV Box

Perfect for anyone who loves free to air TV but also has a thirst for great On Demand content. 

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If you are currently a pay TV customer and you wish to discontinue your pay TV service, remember to contact your existing provider to cancel your contract7.

1. 170 channels: Number correct at time of publishing, including SD, HD and regional TV variants and radio channels. 2. On Demand players: On Demand players are broadband speed dependent and 4K/UHD streaming requires faster broadband connection speeds – see service providers’ recommendations for details. Some optional On Demand content or services (such as Netflix) may cost extra and require paid subscription. 3. Great reception: Receive all satellite TV channels available on Freesat with a correctly installed, unobscured satellite dish and a HD TV. Weather conditions may affect your satellite reception temporarily. 4. Recording capabilities: Record up to 4 shows at the same time if your satellite dish has a wideband LNB – for more information on cabling, LNB type and how many shows you can record visit freesat.co.uk/help5. Pause and rewind and Restart Live TV: Recordable 4K TV Box required. Live restart is broadband speed dependent and available on certain BBC channels only. 6. No monthly TV Bills, no price hikes: Freesat is a free-to-air satellite TV service. There are no monthly fees (and so no price hikes) for satellite TV only. 7. Your existing provider should be able to advise you of any applicable notice periods, cancellation charges or other terms or fees which may be payable by you in accordance with your existing contract. Freesat is not responsible for any fees, costs or charges associated with cancelling your contract, nor can Freesat contact your existing provider on your behalf regarding your contract.