I'm getting the wrong regional channel


If you're not receiving the regional channels you expect this may be because your box or Freesat enabled TV has been setup with the wrong postcode.

To change the postcode you'll need to carry out a channel scan, on our 4K boxes you can do this by visiting Settings, then Freesat Channels, entering your pin number (0000 by default) and selecting Channel Scan.

Sometimes our channel partners update the regional variants available to our customers, click here to view recent service changes. 

If you continue to experience difficulties receiving the correct regional channels you could try a Channel Scan using the postcode of a nearby building.

If you've tried the above and require further assistance please contact us via the Support form (in the bottom right of your screen) to contact our Customer Team for further help. Make sure that you detail in the form, what troubleshooting steps you have already carried out.