I keep losing sound and audio


If you notice that you lose sound or audio on your 4K TV Box intermittently when you are using timeshift or switching between content sources like live TV to recordings, then we advise that you try the following steps to resolve your issue.

Firstly switch between channels, and see if this works.

If the problem persists, then complete a reboot of your box, to do this simply navigate to: Settings > System Settings > Box Reset > Reboot Box.

If your box has frozen and you are unable to access the Settings menu, you can carry out a reboot using the button on the box itself. You can do this by holding down the power button on the top of your set top box for 5 seconds. Remove your finger from the button when the box begins rebooting.

After rebooting your box, as an additional measure we also recommend that you go to Settings > Picture and Sound, and set your Sound to 'Stereo'.

If you continue to experience issues with your sound and audio, please use our Support Form (found in the bottom right of your screen) to contact our Customer Team. To help us best support you, please detail what troubleshooting steps you have already carried out and where possible, identify when you are losing sound and what content source you are watching or switching between on your box.