How do I programme my Freesat remote to control my TV?


You can use your Freesat remote control to turn your TV on and off, and to control the TV volume.

To do so, your Freesat remote control needs to discover which brand of TV you have. Follow these steps to set this up.


  1. Turn your Box and TV on. 
  2. Set the volume of your Box to maximum (you might want to turn down your TV’s volume a bit first).
  3. Press and hold both the Red button (this is not the standby or record button) and AD button on your Freesat remote control for three seconds then release the buttons. The LED will light up and stay on to show that the remote is ready to be programmed.
  4. The remote control contains a list of different TV remote control signal codes. Use the Up and Down page buttons to go through the list. When your TV turns off, you have found the right code. 
  5. Press the OK button to tell the remote to save this code.