How can I stop my remote clashing with other devices?

How can I stop my remote clashing with other devices?

If you find that your remote control inadvertently controls other devices with an infrared receiver in your home, then you can reprogram your remote to a different frequency to prevent this from happening. 

How to change the frequency of your remote control

1 - Press and hold the red colour button and the AD buttons on your Freesat remote control for three seconds then release the buttons. The LED will light up and stay on to show that the remote is ready to be programmed.

2 - Press HOME on your remote control

3 - There are 6 frequency codes available to programme your Freesat remote to. Press and release the number button for the frequency you wish to set (1 to 6), note that code 1 is the default set-up. 

4 - The TV will then turn off to confirm that the code has been set.

5 - Press the OK button on your remote control to save this code.

If you experience interference with a code that you have selected, try another until you get the right set-up for you and your device.


If you are trying to programme your Freesat remote control to operate your TV then see page 34 of the Recordable 4K TV Box or page 29 of the Non-recordable 4K TV Box manuals.