Software update 10th November 2021

Software update 10th November 2021

Software Update 10th November 2021


New Features: 

  • Improved Interface during LNB verification. Customers will now see that the box is setting things up for them, rather than a no signal screen when coming out of standby 
  • We have enhanced how search results are displayed for both On TV and On Demand content 



  • We have improved how the box handles low memory scenarios and will automatically close background applications if necessary to improve the overall experience 
  • Enhanced the general responsiveness of the application, users should see an improvement in general performance 

FTI & Privacy notice: 

  • We have fixed several bugs with our first-time installation process 
  • Improved our privacy notice pop-up flow and fixed several issues that could result in related issues 


Standby & power management: 

There have been several bugs fixed coming out of standby to improve box behaviour, including: 

  • Remembering the last tuned channel after a box reboot/ nightly reboot 
  • Improvements to avoid the application crashing while the box is in standby mode 
  • Sometimes customers would see washed-out picture after waking from standby 
  • No AV on Live TV channel when switching from passive standby to active mode 


Settings & Channel Scan: 

We have a few fixes for settings & channel scan: 

  • Occasional box crash during postcode check 
  • Regional Channels:  BBC One London list was not shown correctly

Recordings & Reminders: 

There have been numerous fixes for issues with recordings & reminders, including but not limited to:  

  • Resuming playback of recording causes a device reboot 
  • Users unable to access recordings action menu after deleting a recording 
  • Users occasionally get stuck on Recordings preview Home screen 
  • Continue watching option not available for partially viewed programme 
  • Exit Recording Playback - Live TV has no AV until zapped to a different channel 
  • Fixed an issue causing duplicate recordings when setting via Freesat App 
  • Reminder Icon not removed after show started 
  • Unable to auto-tune to a channel from reminder pop-up when watching iPlayer 


TV Guide: 

We have resolved a few issues with the TV Guide: 

  •  Restart Metadata Icon was not always showing 
  • ‘Back’ from "Showing Again” took you to the Recordings home page pane, not the Guide home page. 
  • 1 Line guide not displaying when returning to Live TV 
  • Fixed an issue with double key entry on BBC channels 
  • Both user-hidden and favorited channels appeared among the Favorite channels filter in TV Guide 
  • Users would sometimes get stuck in the guide when a series recording was cancelled 


We have fixed a few key issues affecting our lovely showcase picks: 

  • Showcase was not displaying correctly on box boot up 
  • Showcase was occasionally taking too long to populate 
  • We have improved default image logic for when showcase images are not available 


We found and fixed some issues when you pause live TV on our recordable boxes: 

  • STOP RCU key would not return you to live TV 
  • Users were occasionally unable to record an event from within timeshift 
  • A noticeable black screen could be seen when exiting from timeshift to Live TV 
  • Fixed an issue where FF/RW were working intermittently 

On Demand: 

There were a few bugs with our On Demand apps and menus that we have resolved: 

  • Exit whilst loading OD player would land user on ‘No Signal’ screen 
  • Fixed an issue where video was intermittent during playback on the My5 app 
  • There were a few instances where Netflix was not closing when requested 
  • OD Apps menu would occasionally reset due to a timeout 

In addition to the above, we have bug fixes to improve stability and responsiveness of our devices.