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Setting up Freesat on LG TVs

As of September 2015, Freesat channels became available on a number of new and existing LG TVs.

Freesat is available on LG TV models UH620V, UH625V, UH630V, UH650V,UH661V, UH668V, UH770V and UH850V, in screen sizes ranging from 32” to 65”. If you own an LG TV, and have not opted-in to auto-updates, you will have to ensure your software is up to date to get Freesat.

You can do this manually by following these steps:  
Ensure your TV is connected to the internet  
Select ALL SETTINGS from the right screen menu Go to GENERAL
Scroll down to ABOUT THIS TV Ensure tick box is selected under ALLOW AUTO UPDATES
Select CHECK FOR UPDATES to run a software checks
Any new software will become available Y
ou can also download the latest software from the LG website.
Type in your product model name and download the latest software on a USB. Software update instructions are also available.
Finally, you will have to connect to satellite and enable the Freesat channels.

Follow these steps:
Select ALL SETTINGS from the right screen menu
Select AUTO TUNING Tick the SATELLITE box, click Next Select FREESAT  
For newly purchased LG TVs you will be prompted to connect both terrestrial and satellite tuners during the set up process. Ensure you select both and connect your TV to the Internet.
The TV will run a scan and give you the option to select Freesat.

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