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ITV SD Regional Channel Changes | 13th April 2021

ITV recently made some major improvements that allow virtually all of the local programmes for the ITV News regions to broadcast in High Definition (HD) on satellite. This allows most satellite viewers to watch ITV in high quality for the first time. Now there are also changes to some ITV regional channels currently broadcast in Standard Definition (SD) on Sky and Freesat.

From April 13th households with an SD-only satellite set-top box will still receive ITV in the usual way but viewers in some regions may benefit from upgrading to a High Definition (HD) box to continue to see the more local regional channel service for their postcode are. Below is an outline of the changes that have taken place:

Anglia East closing

Replaced by Meridian East

Meridian South closing

Replaced by Meridian East

West closing

Replaced by Central West

Central East closing

Replaced by Central West

Tyne Tees closing

Replaced by Granada

Yorkshire West closing

Replaced by Granada

West Country closing

Replaced by Central West

ITV have also announced the removal of ITVBE+1 and viewers can now expect to see the following changes:

Channel 118 will now show ITV4+1 (used to show ITVBE)

Channel 119 will now show ITVBE (used to show ITVBE+1)


These changes should affect a very small number of viewers with SD-only set-top boxes typically older than ten years. Here is how you can check if your Freesat box is SD only:


Go to channel 105:

If the channel name is displayed at ''Channel 5'' or ''Channel5'' -  you have an SD-only box

If the channel name is displayed as ''Channel 5 HD'' or ''C5 HD'' - you have an HD box.


Court TV launch | 30th November 2020

As of Monday 30th November you can now watch Court TV on Freesat on channel 177. You can enjoy the ‘biggest and most important US court trials’ from start to finish on the new Court TV channel. You should not need to do anything to receive this channel, however you may need to complete a channel scan.


Welsh Regional channel changes | 24th November 2020

The following changes were deployed on 24th November 2020. No action should be required to receive these changes, however you may need to complete a channel scan.

Changes to Channel 4 (South variant) on Freesat 120

Moved to channel 106. 

Changes to BBC Two Wales on Freesat 106

Moved to channel 120. 

SD BBC Two Wales stays on channel 102. 


Freesat channel 120 is now vacant and will show no content available.