How to record TV shows to watch later with a PVR on Freesat

Been looking forward to watching the latest episode of that drama everyone’s been talking about, but suddenly have other plans that night? That doesn’t mean you have to miss out - all you need to record free TV is a PVR.

What is a PVR?  

Many free-to-view television channels have On Demand players that let you catch up with what’s on after the show has aired, such as BBC iPlayer, ITVX or All4. However, not all free-to-view channels have On-Demand options. That’s where a PVR comes in. 

A personal video recorder (PVR) is a TV recording device built into a set-top box, or in some cases, into the television itself. A PVR allows you to record the shows you want and store them on your set-top box for a later date. For those of you who used VCRs back in the day, a PVR is essentially the modern version of the classic VCR. 

How does a PVR work?  

The main difference between the old VCRs and the new PVRs is that while VCRs used analogue tuners and tapes to record, PVRs use digital tuners and store your recordings on the hard drive of your set-top box. In other words, PVRs have scrapped the old video tapes and instead store all of your recordings for you in one place. 

Plus, unlike VCRs, some PVRs have nifty features like recording multiple shows and channels at once, or the option to record a whole series and store it on your set-top box. Keep reading for more about different PVR features. 

What’s the best PVR for me? 

Depending on the make and model of your recordable set-top box, you can store hours and hours of telly before you’ll run out of storage.  

Here are the options when it comes to Freesat Recordable TV Boxes


The 500 GB edition of the 4K Recordable TV Box has 500GB of internal storage. This translates to around 250 (SD) hours of free films and telly to store on your TV box.  


The next step up has 1TB of internal storage, giving you more leeway with your recordings and storing 500 (SD) hours of the telly you love.  


With the 2TB option, you’ll be able to record and store a whopping 1,000 (SD) hours worth of shows and films, curating your own library of telly to watch whenever the mood strikes. Perfect for the true telly lover who wants all their favourite shows right at their fingertips!  

Freesat set top boxes 

Record your way 


With a Freesat Recordable 4K TV Box, here’s what you can do:  

  • No need to choose - record up to 4 shows at once1 

  • Record live TV or schedule recordings for later  

  • Use a series link to record a whole season of a show 

  • Running late? Schedule recordings on the go using remote record via the Freesat app

Whichever recordable set-top box you choose, you’ll be able to find all your recordings in the ‘Recordings’ section of the menu. It’ll take a while, but if you eventually find you’re running low on space, it’s easy to decide what to save and delete, keep your recordings library up to date with all your favourites, and clear the programmes you’re done with. Find out more about how to record your favourite shows on Freesat.  

Ready to get started? Find out more about how to get satellite TV with no monthly bills3 with Freesat and choose the best 4K TV Box for you!  

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1. Record up to 4 things at once: Record up to 4 shows at the same time if your satellite dish has a wideband LNB – for more information on cabling, LNB type and how many shows you can record visit  

2. Remote record with the Freesat app: Set and manage recordings using the Freesat app via your phone or other device with a wireless internet connection or using your mobile data. Freesat account and broadband connected recordable 4K TV box required. 

3. No monthly TV bills or price hikes: Freesat is a satellite TV service for users in the UK. No monthly fees for satellite TV only. 5. 4K compatible: 4K/UHD TV required to view 4K/UHD content where available. Premium HDMI cable supplied.