Tips and tricks for your Freesat TV Box

We’ve put together some of our favourite tricks for getting the most out of your  Freesat TV Box. We bet you didn’t even realise how hard-working your Freesat Box could can thank us later! 

Get inspiration for your TV schedule

Not sure what to watch, but know you’re in the mood for a period drama? The ‘List’ button on your Freesat remote control allows you to sort the TV Guide into channel categories so you can find what you’re looking for more easily.  

Even better is our Recommendations section! This is where our telly experts offer you some inspiration on what to watch across a range of channels and genres. Discover a new binge-worthy drama, free-to-view film premieres or gripping documentaries to enjoy - whatever strikes your fancy!  You’ll see these recommendations on the Home Screen and are accessible via the home button.

Check out our Showcase for a peek at what's coming up...

Watch last night’s top show

We know how annoying it is to get to work and find out that you missed the show everyone is talking about. Luckily, you can use the Backwards Guide on your remote control to access many programmes you may have missed over the past seven days. To do this, simply go into your TV guide and use the left arrow button to scroll backwards. If a programme is in blue and marked with a play icon, you can watch it by pressing OK and choosing ‘Watch Now’.  However, it’s worth noting you can only use this nifty feature if you have an internet connection.

Never miss another show

There are some programmes that are best watched when they’re aired – *insert your favourite reality TV show here.* After all, who wants to risk spoilers the next day? You'll never miss another episode again by using the ‘Reminders’ function. Simply highlight a show in the TV Guide, press OK and then select 'Set Reminder.' Easy!  

The ‘backup’ remote

Forget rooting around for the lost remote control – all you need is your phone! Once you’ve set up a Freesat account, you can pair your phone or tablet by downloading the Freesat App. Make sure you’re on the same internet network, then log in to the box and the App using the same account information and then use the App Settings menu to search for your box in the ‘Paired Boxes’ section. Once paired, the App on your phone can do the job of your TV remote if needed. Handy, huh?  

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Remote record

And that’s not all the app can do...You don’t need to be home to set up a recording for your Freesat TV box – using the App you can remote record your favourite programmes. To enable this function, you need to have the App downloaded and your device paired with your box. You can then set reminders and recordings wherever you are. Download the Freesat app now.   

Cast content to your TV

Some On Demand services allow you to cast content from your mobile device or tablet. But to do this, your device and your box must be on the same wireless network. Simply open the App on your device, select what you want to watch and tap the ‘Cast’ button – usually found at the top. It will open a list of devices to beam the content on to and you select your Freesat TV Box. Your chosen programming will then play on your TV.   

Access On Demand players seamlessly 

The On Demand button on your remote will take you straight to the On Demand menu where there are hundreds of hours of telly that can be watched at any time.  

Your Freesat remote control also has buttons enabling you to launch On Demand services. You can launch BBC iPlayer, ITVX and Netflix with one touch of a button.  

Find out more about the channels and apps available on Freesat.

Give multi-room a go 

It’s possible to have Freesat in multiple rooms in your home all working off of one satellite dish. You’ll need either a Freesat TV box in each room you want to use or a TV with a built-in Freesat tuner and a suitable LNB. Find out more about getting Freesat in more than one room.   

Protect your kids from inappropriate content

Did you know you can set up parental controls on your Freesat box? This can happen as either part of the installation process or at a later date and allows you to set a PIN to watch the TV. You can also hide channels from appearing in the TV Guide or Recordings section within the Settings menu. Simply select ‘Freesat Channels’, then select the channel you wish to hide and press OK to make sure your TV Guide stays family-friendly.   

Tune into the radio

Finally, did you know you can also access digital radio channels via Freesat? There’s nothing like a blast of your favourite radio station to put a smile on your face. Plus, if you have a Freesat 4K TV box you’ll also get access to radio on-demand services like BBC Sounds, which means you can listen to your favourite podcasts, music playlists, sport radio and more! Take a look at some of our top picks on BBC Sounds right now.   

So there you have it, our favourite tips and tricks for using your Freesat TV Box! Which one will you be trying first? Find out more about what Freesat set top boxes have to offer and switch to Freesat today for satellite TV without the monthly bills.

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To get started with Freesat, all you need is a satellite dish and a Freesat 4K TV Box. If you're currently a Sky customer, you can use your current satellite dish. You'll also need a HDMI cable to connect your set top box to your TV, but lucky for you a HDMI cable will be included when you purchase a Freesat 4K TV Box.

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