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Best box sets on demand

Some weekends, all you want to do is stick a box set on and watch a whole season in a night. No judgement here, we love it! Find some of the best and latest box sets available now from top on-demand players to suit any mood.



Streaming now on BBC iPlayer

staged david tennant and michael sheen


Before the pandemic, David Tennant and Michael Sheen were all set to put on a play in the West End, but with production on hold, the play’s director (Simon Evans) is concerned he’s going to miss his big break. Instead of wasting lockdown, Simon tried to convince his dubious actors to continue rehearsals online. This fantastic new comedy sees the funny side of lockdown with terrifically natural performances from the stars. Stream Staged now on BBC iPlayer

Bob’s Burgers 

Watch now on Prime Video 

bobs burgers prime video


Have you heard the news? Prime Video is now available on Freesat, meaning you can stream all your favourite TV On Demand through your 4K box. If you're not a Prime remember yet, go to the On Demand section on your Freesat 4k Box, open the Prime Video app and follow the instructions to sign up and get a 30-day free trial. Already a member? Go to On Demand and login to your account to start streaming Bob's Burgers and plenty more fantastic shows in the Prime Video library. 

If you're in the mood for comedy, Bob's Burgers is a great choice. The award-winning animated series follows Bob (H. John Benjamin), the owner of Bob’s Burgers, and his family. Hilarious, heartwarming, at times surreal and other times relatable, Bob’s Burger’s is a must-see comedy and is available now on Prime Video.  

Spitting Image 

Streaming now on BritBox 

Spitting Image BritBox Original


This Britbox Original pokes fun at the news of today. From Boris to Prince Harry, no one is off limits for this satirical and iconic sketch show. Get ready to laugh with Spitting Image on BritBox today.* 

*BritBox is currently only available on Freesat’s 4K TV Boxes and is a paid subscription service. To watch, simply go to the On Demand section of your box, create a BritBox account and start streaming the best of British telly. Find out more about the BritBox launch on Freesat.  

Out of Her Mind

Streaming now on BBC iPlayer

Sara Pascoe Out of Her Mind


Starring and written by comedian Sara Pascoe, Out of Her Mind is a surreal and hilarious new comedy. It follows a fictionalised version of Sara – in this world, Sara had an abortion when she was younger and was then left at the altar, so when her sister becomes engaged, prompting a strong response from Sara...A comedy about family, relationships and biology, this great new sitcom will make you laugh and think. Watch Out of Her Mind now on BBC iPlayer.  

The Duchess  

Watch now on Netflix

the duchess netflix katherine ryan


This recent comedy release was created by Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan. Ryan stars as a ‘fashionably disruptive’ single mother who is trying to decide whether to have another child, and most importantly, who to have it with – a sperm donor, her boyfriend, or her ex. Raunchy, fearlessly rude and jam-packed with fierce fashion and hilarious moments, this comedy drama is all too easy to binge. The first season has six episodes and can be watched on Netflix now, and read our review to find out more


Streaming now on UKTV Play

taskmaster uktv play


Enjoy your favourite episodes of the off-beat comedy gameshow where Greg Davies and Alex Horne set fellow comedians bizarre and hilarious tasks. From melon eating to playing golf with eggs, get ready to laugh with six seasons of Taskmaster on UKTV Play.


Small Axe 

Streaming now on BBC iPlayer 

small axe Letitia white


Written and directed by Oscar winner Steve McQueen, Small Axe is a series of short films taking place from the late 1960s to the early ‘80s. The five films each tell stories about the West Indian community in London, exploring the systematic racism the community faces while celebrating their strength, determination and culture. Find out more about the amazing cast and films of Small Axe, and catch up with the latest installments on BBC iPlayer.  

Little Fires Everywhere 

Watch now on Prime Video 


Based on Celeste Ng’s bestselling novel, this Amazon Exclusive is one of the most talked about dramas of the year. It follows the seemingly perfect Richardson family and a mother and daughter whose fates become intertwined, upending each other’s lives. Exploring the nature of art, identity, motherhood and the consequences of secrets, this is the perfect drama to binge. Watch Little Fires Everywhere now on Prime Video.  

The Crown 

Watch now on Netflix 

the crown season 4 on netflix


With the recent release of season 4, The Crown is one of the must-see dramas of the year. The highly-acclaimed historical drama follows Elizabeth Windsor on her ascent to become Queen and the struggles she faces throughout her reign, both personally and politically. Season 4 has reached the late 1970s and early ‘80s, bringing with it a whirlwind of change with the first female prime minister and a new princess...Find out more about what’s happened so far in The Crown and watch the whole series so far on Netflix.   


Streaming now on BBC iPlayer 

Industry BBC iPlayer


Everyone’s talking about the BBC’s new drama, Industry. It follows five university graduates who have just joined Pierpoint, London’s leading financial institution. Here, the grads will have to fight to make their part and get noticed in this cut-throat world with the ambition of being hired permanently by the bank. Where will their ambitions lead them? Find out by watching the latest episodes of Industry on BBC iPlayer.

Wolf Hall 

Streaming now on BritBox 

Wolf Hall BritBox


What do you really know about Thomas Cromwell? Starting out as the infamous King Henry VIII’s lawyer, he rises through the ranks of the Tudor court and has a stake in everything which goes on behind the closed doors of Henry’s court, arranging everything from relationships to religious matters for the king. Starring Mark Rylance as Thomas Cromwell and co-starring The Crown’s Claire Foy, you won’t want to miss this gripping historical drama. Watch Wolf Hall now on BritBox.  

All Creatures Great and Small  

Streaming now on My5 

all creatures great and small channel 5


The remake of the classic series follows James Herriot, a young veterinarian who has moved to the Yorkshire Dales to pursue his dream of working with animals in the late 1930s. Here, he creates new friendships in the small community, learning that treating the animals is as much about treating their owners. Watch All Creatures Great and Small now on My5, and check out our exclusive interviews with the stars, Nicholas Ralph and Rachel Stenton.

The Sister 

Streaming now on ITV Hub and STV Player

the sister itv hub


From the creator of Luther, The Sister is a chilling new drama which focuses around a decades-old secret which now threatens to come to light. Taking place in multiple timelines and full of twists and turns, this exciting and dark drama is the perfect series to dive into. Watch The Sister on ITV Hub or STV Player, and find out more about the disturbing inspiration behind the series from creator Neil Cross

The Deceived 

Streaming now on My5

the deceived channel 5


For a psychological thriller which will keep you clicking the ‘next episode’ button, try The Deceived on My5. When a young English student named Ophelia falls in love with her married older professor, they begin an illicit affair. But when the professor’s wife dies in mysterious circumstances, Ophelia is left questioning everything and becomes unable to trust her own mind. Find out more about the exciting drama by checking out our exclusive interview with the stars, Emmett J. Scanlan and Emily Reid.  


Deadwater Fell  

Streaming now on BritBox

deadwater fell


David Tennant stars as a grief-stricken Scottish GP and the sole survivor of his family when his wife and two daughters die in a shocking incident. The investigation that follows shakes the close-knit community. Tennant is chilling in this crime drama which keeps you guessing from start to finish. Watch it now on BritBox.  

The Valhalla Murders 

Streaming now on BBC iPlayer 

the valhalla murders bbc


After the brutal murder an ex-drug dealer in Reykjavik, ambitious police detective Katrin ‘Kata’ Gunnarsdottir finds herself in on the hunt for a potential serial killer as the bodies begin to stack up. A Detective Arnar arrives to help her on the difficult case. The two must learn to work together quickly before the killer slips out of their grasp. Stream The Valhalla Murders now on BBC iPlayer.   


Watch now on Prime Video 

bones prime video


Binge all 12 seasons of the hit US crime forensics drama Bones on Prime Video. The series follows Dr Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) as a uniquely talented, knowledgeable but socially awkward anthropologist working at the Jeffersonian Institute. When she is approached by an FBI agent, Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) from the Homicide Investigations Unit, the odd couple must learn to work together to solve homicides using the clues left behind on their remains. 


Streaming now on BBC iPlayer

luther idris elba ruth wilson bbc iplayer


We couldn’t resist including this gritty British crime drama. Idris Elba stars as a brilliant but troubled detective who crosses the line between personal and professional and he investigates some of London’s most twisted crimes. Ruth Wilson co-stars as a psychopath and unlikely ally of Luther, adding even more danger to his life. Watch all five series on BBC iPlayer.  


Watch now on Netflix

giri/haji duty/shame


Not your average crime drama, Giri/Haji (translation: Duty/Shame) is a bilingual drama which follows a Tokyo detective immerse himself in London’s dark underbelly to find his brother, an ex-yakuza member who was presumed dead. As tensions rise between the yakuza crime families, the detectives must race to find his brother, making unlikely friends in London as he does. Dark, shocking, heart-warming and surprisingly funny, we promise you won’t regret giving this unique crime drama a go. Watch the whole first series now on Netflix.  


Streaming now on ITV Hub

des david tennant itv hub


David Tennant definitely seems to like playing the creepy characters...Des is the crime drama everyone’s talking about. It stars David Tennant as serial killer Dennis Nilson, who was finally caught when bones and flesh were found clogging his building’s drains. Watch all three chilling episodes on ITV Hub. Find out more about the crime drama from David Tennant himself. 


Streaming now on BritBox 

Unforgotten BritBox


Tune in for this gripping and moving cold-case crime drama starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar. Together, they unearth old mysteries and delve through age-old clues to reveal the truth behind forgotten cases and finally bring justice to the victims and their families. Watch all three seasons of Unforgotten on BritBox now.  


Streaming now on STV Player

gracepoint david tennant stv


The US adaptation of the hit drama Broadchurch, Gracepoint stars David Tennant along with Anna Gunn as detectives seeking the truth of what happened to a small boy who was found dead on a quiet, picturesque beach. You can watch the entire series of 10 episodes now on STV Player.   

Find more of the top crime shows to watch on Freesat right now. 


Doctor Who  

Streaming now on BritBox

doctor who britbox


When you think of sci-fi, it’s impossible not to think of Doctor Who. You can now watch the entire early series from 1963 to 1989, meaning you can binge watch through the adventures of the first eight doctors. Enjoy this British classic now on BritBox.  

Battlestar Galactica 

Streaming now on BBC iPlayer

battlestar galactica bbc


Another absolute sci-fi classic, all four series of Battlestar Galactica are now on BBC iPlayer. As life as we know it is overrun with Cylon enemies which look just like you, humanity’s only chance of survival is to find a place called Earth. The perfect sci-fi watch to get stuck into! 

The Expanse 

Watch now on Prime Video 

the expanse prime video


Set hundreds of years in the future, The Expanse is set in a world where the solar system is fully colonised and Mars has branched off to become an independent military power. When a rich political activist named Julie Mao goes missing, she links the lives of a detective and a rouge ship captain together in their search for the girl in an investigation which could expose the biggest conspiracy in history. Watch all five seasons of The Expanse now on Prime Video.  

War of the Worlds 

Streaming now on BritBox 

War of the Worlds BritBox


New and exclusive to BritBox, this three-part adaptation of HG Wells’ iconic sci-fi novel tells the tale of Martians invading Earth at the turn of the 20th century. Watch War of the Worlds now on BritBox.  

His Dark Materials 

Streaming now on BBC iPlayer

his dark materials bbc iplayer


Based on Philip Pullman’s trilogy of the same name, His Dark Materials takes place in a parallel world ruled by the sinister Magisterium which tries to repress people’s links to magic and their animal spirit companions known as daemons. It’s down to a young orphan called Lyra to put a stop to the fight and keep it from spilling over into our time. Featuring big names like Ruth Wilson, this drama is a sci-fi adventure you’ll love. Rewatch the first season of His Dark Materials on BBC iPlayer and tune in for the latest episodes of season two every Sunday on BBC iPlayer. Find out more about the exciting new season on His Dark Materials to see what’s in store.  

Fort Salem  

Streaming now on BBC iPlayer

fort salem bbc iplayer


For more parallel universes and worlds of magic, give Fort Salem a go. As three young witches learn how to master their powers to defeat the enemy, they quickly learn the world’s only hope is for them to work together. Check out the first season on BBC iPlayer for 10 thrilling episodes.  


Love Island 

Streaming now on ITV Hub

love island season 6


Fancy getting away? Escape to the Love Island villa with all 36 episodes of series six available to watch on ITV Hub. Watch as glamorous singles attempt to find love and couple up for the chance to win a huge cash prize. But will the winners split the cash, or take the jackpot for themselves? 

Ex on the beach 

Watch now on Prime Video 

Eight sexy young singles head off to a tropical paradise in the hopes of finding love – the catch? Their exes will turn up at some point on their holiday. Will they rekindle their past romance, or will they sabotage their new chance for love? One thing is for sure – there's always plenty of drama on the beach! Watch Ex on the Beach now on Prime Video.  

The Real Housewives of Cheshire 

Streaming now on ITV Hub

real housewives of cheshire itv


Watch the latest season of the hit reality show following the glamorous women of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, or go all the way back to season one on ITV Hub.  

Storage Hunters UK  

Streaming now on UKTV Play

storage hunters uktv


Enjoy three seasons of treasures hunters sifting through abandoned storage lockers to uncover hidden gems and a whole lot of trash. When you never know what you’re going to find, the bidding can get tense! Watch now on UKTV Play.  

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