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Best box sets to binge

Some weekends, all you want to do is stick a box set on and watch a whole season in a night. No judgement here, we love it! Find some of the best and latest box sets available now from top on-demand players to suit any mood.


Chewing Gum 
Available on BritBox 

chewing gum michaela coel


Starring and written by Michaela Coel previous to her smash hit show I May Destroy You, Chewing Gum follows the life of Tracey Gordon -  a religious 24-year-old living on a London housing estate – and her quest to start living (and lose her virginity). Michaela Coel tackles everything from sex positivity to race, religion, feminism and relationships with her signature original humour. Watch both seasons of this irresistible comedy sitcom now on BritBox.* 

*BritBox is currently only available on Freesat’s 4K TV boxes and is a paid subscription service. To watch, simply go to the On Demand section of your box, create a BritBox account and start streaming the best of British telly. Find out more about the BritBox launch on Freesat.  

The Duchess  
Available on Netflix 

the duchess netflix katherine ryan


This recent comedy release was created by Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan. Ryan stars as a ‘fashionably disruptive’ single mother who is trying to decide whether to have another child, and most importantly, who to have it with – a sperm donor, her boyfriend, or her ex. Raunchy, fearlessly rude and jam-packed with fierce fashion and hilarious moments, this comedy drama is all too easy to binge. The first season has six episodes and can be watched on Netflix now, and read our review to find out more

Green Wing 
Available on BritBox  

green wing britbox


When it comes to British comedy, Green Wing is one of the best. The surreal hospital-based comedy follows medical staff in their everyday lives, with plenty of sexy shenanigans, weirdly wonderful characters and bizarre moments. Watch both seasons of Green Wing now on BritBox.

Red Dwarf 
Available on UKTV Play 

red dwarf uktv


This British classic had 12 seasons, and you can watch the final three on UKTV. Join Lister, Rimmer and Cat on their quest to find Earth after being lost in space for three million years.  

Available on UKTV Play 

taskmaster uktv play


Enjoy your favourite episodes of the off-beat comedy gameshow where Greg Davies and Alex Horne set fellow comedians bizarre and hilarious tasks. From melon eating to playing golf with eggs, get ready to laugh with six seasons of Taskmaster on UKTV Play.

Schitt’s Creek 
Available on Netflix 

schitts creek netflix


When a wealthy family loses everything, they’re forced to move to Schitt’s Creek, a tiny rural town the father bought as a joke. Now the spoilt and privileged family have to make a new start without the help of their money, and maybe make some new friends along the way. Watch all six hilarious and heartwarming seasons of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix


Call the Midwife 
Available on BritBox 

call the midwife britbox


If you’re in the mood for a true binge, you can find 8 seasons of Call the Midwife on BritBox, as well as the Christmas specials! Follow the midwives, nurses and nuns of Nonnatus House as they lend a hand to expectant mothers in the poor East End of London.  

Downton Abbey  
Available on BritBox 

downton abbey britbox


Whether you’ve watched it before or not, Downton Abbey is the ultimate box set combo of British drama and comfort telly – PLUS there’s six whole seasons, making it perfect for bingeing. Sit back and enjoy Julian Fellowes’ award-winning historical drama following the aristocratic Crawleys and their household in the early and ever-changing 20th century on BritBox

The Durrells  
Available on ITV Hub 

the durrells itv hub


Another feel-good period drama, The Durrells follows the financially struggling Durrell family in the mid 1930s who choose to move to the beautiful Corfu to try and save money. Based on animal-lover Gerald Durrell’s My Family and Other Animals, this heart-warming drama is the perfect telly to binge. Check out the first season on ITV Hub.  

The Deceived 
Available on My5 

the deceived channel 5


For a psychological thriller which will keep you clicking the ‘next episode’ button, try The Deceived on My5. When a young English student named Ophelia falls in love with her married older professor, they begin an illicit affair. But when the professor’s wife dies in mysterious circumstances, Ophelia is left questioning everything and becomes unable to trust her own mind. Find out more about the exciting drama by checking out our exclusive interview with the stars, Emmett J. Scanlan and Emily Reid.  

Available on Netflix 

sarah paulson in ratched


Not for the faint hearted, Ratched follows the young life of Mildred Ratched, the terrifying nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Her origins, as it turns out, as even more horrifying than we could have imagined. Starring Sarah PaulsonRatched is a chilling feast for the eyes which will keep you on the edge of your seat. Perfect for fans of American Horror Story! Watch Ratched now on Netflix.  

Available on ITV Hub  

quiz itv hub


Discover the sensational story of how Charles and Diana Ingram attempted to win the jackpot on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in what’s been described as an ‘audacious heist.’ It may only be three episodes long, but we guarantee you won’t want to leave your seat until you’ve watched the whole series. Catch it now on ITV Hub.  


Deadwater Fell  
Available on BritBox 

deadwater fell


David Tennant stars as a grief-stricken Scottish GP and the sole survivor of his family when his wife and two daughters die in a shocking incident. The investigation that follows shakes the close-knit community. Tennant is chilling in this crime drama which keeps you guessing from start to finish. Watch it now on BritBox.  

Available on Netflix 

giri/haji duty/shame


Not your average crime drama, Giri/Haji (translation: Duty/Shame) is a bilingual drama which follows a Tokyo detective immerse himself in London’s dark underbelly to find his brother, an ex-yakuza member who was presumed dead. As tensions rise between the yakuza crime families, the detectives must race to find his brother, making unlikely friends in London as he does. Dark, shocking, heart-warming and surprisingly funny, we promise you won’t regret giving this unique crime drama a go. Watch the whole first series now on Netflix.  

Available on BritBox 

liar britbox


This psychological thriller follows the fallout from sexual allegations after a first date which dramatically changes two people’s lives. Starring Downton Abbey’s Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd, this drama is full of twists and turns – but who’s to blame for the chaos? Find out by watching both seasons on BritBox.  

Available on ITV Hub 

des david tennant itv hub


David Tennant definitely seems to like playing the creepy characters...Des is the crime drama everyone’s talking about. It stars David Tennant as serial killer Dennis Nilson, who was finally caught when bones and flesh were found clogging his building’s drains. Watch all three chilling episodes on ITV Hub. Find out more about the crime drama from David Tennant himself. 

Available on STV 

gracepoint david tennant stv


The US adaptation of the hit drama Broadchurch, Gracepoint stars David Tennant along with Anna Gunn as detectives seeking the truth of what happened to a small boy who was found dead on a quiet, picturesque beach. You can watch the entire series of 10 episodes now on STV Player.   

The Fall  
Available on Netflix 

the fall netflix


The Fall stars Gillian Anderson as a detective superintendent who gets sucked into a hunt for a twisted serial killer in Belfast. We also get to see the story from the killer’s eyes (played by Jamie Dornan), who follows her investigation as he plans his next murder, all while leading a seemingly normal life with his family. And that's just the first series! All three series are now on Netflix, so binge away!  

Find more of the top crime shows to watch on Freesat right now. 


Doctor Who  
Available on BritBox 

doctor who britbox


When you think of sci-fi, it’s impossible not to think of Doctor Who. You can now watch the entire early series from 1963 to 1989, meaning you can binge watch through the adventures of the first eight doctors. Enjoy this British classic now on BritBox.  

Available on BritBox  

humans britbox


Starring Gemma Chan, this highlight acclaimed sci-fi thrilled is set in an uncannily familiar parallel universe where Synths – spookily life-like humanoids – are the new must-have gadget. Find out the consequences of this new trend with three terrific seasons of Humans on BritBox.  


Love Island 
Available on ITV Hub 

love island season 6


Fancy getting away? Escape to the Love Island villa with all 36 episodes of series six available to watch on ITV Hub. Watch as glamorous singles attempt to find love and couple up for the chance to win a huge cash prize. But will the winners split the cash, or take the jackpot for themselves? 

Top Gear  
Available on BritBox 

top gear britbox


For fun and fast cars, sit back and enjoy a good binge of Top GearBritBox has series 21 to 26 available to stream, so you can get stuck in with a car extravaganza, presented by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond – plus The Stig! Whether they’re test driving cars across the road or putting celebs through their paces on the racetrack, Top Gear is always a good laugh.  

The Real Housewives of Cheshire 
Available on ITV Hub 

real housewives of cheshire itv


Watch the latest season of the hit reality show following the glamorous women of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, or go all the way back to season one on ITV Hub.  

Storage Hunters UK  
Available on UKTV Play 

storage hunters uktv


Enjoy three seasons of treasures hunters sifting through abandoned storage lockers to uncover hidden gems and a whole lot of trash. When you never know what you’re going to find, the bidding can get tense! Watch now on UKTV Play.  

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