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Everything you need to know about ITVX

In a UK first, ITV has announced they plan to launch a new integrated advertising and subscription-funded streaming service called ITVX. Let’s take a look at what ITVX will offer and how it's different from previous streaming services...

What is ITVX? 

ITVX will apparently be viewer-led, which means viewers can either choose to watch free content with adverts, or they can opt to trade up a tier to watch all that content ad-free, along with thousands more bonus hours of boxsets and telly from other partner content, such as BritBox.  

ITVX will feature ITV’s live channels and free ad-supported streaming channels, premiering exclusive new content on ITVX before putting it on ITV linear some months later. That means ITVX subscribers can get the freshest content first.  

Is ITVX free? 

Whether you pay or use ITVX for free or not is up to you! It will be the first-ever UK streaming service that has the flexibility of free content with ads, or the option to go ad-free and gain access to even more content with a paid subscription. 

How much the ad-free tier will cost hasn’t been announced yet, but we’ll keep you updated.  

Will ITVX replace ITV Hub? 

Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce in a spy among friends ITVX key art


For now, ITV Hub will carry on streaming all your favourite ITV shows. In fact, as we get closer to the launch of ITVX there will be even more telly available on ITV Hub for you to enjoy.  

However, once ITVX has launched it will replace ITV Hub, but that just means even more content for you to enjoy! Put it this way: ITV Hub has 4,000 hours of content right now, whereas ITVX will have around 15,000 hours at launch – so it’ll be all the telly you love, plus lots more to enjoy!  

BritBox will also be sticking around as a standalone subscription service even after the launch of ITVX, though some BritBox box sets will also be available on ITVX.  

Carolyn McCall, ITV’s Chief Executive said: 

"The digital acceleration we are announcing today builds on everything we have achieved in phase one of our More Than TV strategy. ITVX will be a free service supported by adverts, with a compelling subscription proposition. This is fantastic for viewers - it will provide a simplified and seamless experience with thousands of hours of free content made up of both library and original exclusive content. The subscription tier will provide a premium offering and includes all of the content ad-free as well as BritBox and future SVOD content partners. 

“We are supercharging our streaming business, fundamentally shifting our focus to think digital first, as well as optimising our broadcast channels, by continuing to attract unrivalled mass audiences. In doing so we are responding to changing viewing habits, but also the evolving needs from our advertisers. This will enable ITV to continue to be both commercial viewers and advertisers’ first choice.” 

Kevin Lygo, ITV’s Managing Director of Media and Entertainment also noted how much our viewing habits have shifted, particularly over lockdown, and how this has influenced the decision to launch ITVX: 

“Viewing habits are changing rapidly and ITV has exciting plans which we are announcing today to really scale up our streaming ambitions, offering viewers a service with more fresh, free content dropping every week than anywhere else. 

“Our broadcast channels are very important to what we do, and we are still focused on delivering what ITV does better than anyone in commercial TV - creating programmes that bring audiences together - in-the-moment, in their millions, for that shared viewing, scheduled TV experience. 

“However we know we have to deliver our programmes to as many people as possible in all the ways they want to watch them, and going forward viewers will now see a wide array of shows premiering first on ITVX, which is the cornerstone of ITV’s digital acceleration.” 

When will ITVX become available? 

The plan is for ITVX to become available later in 2022 - more information coming soon!

What’s on ITVX? 

As we already said, ITVX will have at least 15,000 hours of content available, so you’ll be spoilt for choice! Plus, ITV has promised exclusive new content dropped every week, meaning there will be more new telly on offer than any other UK on-demand platform.  

As well as exclusive new series launching every week, there will also be tons of UK and US drama, documentaries, reality TV, comedy, films, sports, box sets, and much more to get stuck into.  

ITVX will also have content from BritBox, which is currently the home of tons of classic British box sets from the likes of BBC, Channel 4, and Channel 5.  

To help you sort through all this fantastic telly, ITVX will have ‘FAST Channels’, which stands for Free Ad-supported TV Channels. In other words, they’ll have themed channels that will have specially curated content based on what’s hot right now, such as ‘90s Favourites’ or ‘True Crime.’  

Some shows to watch out for on ITVX... 

Here’s just a peek at some of the content there is for us to look forward to on ITVX: 

A Spy Among Friends 

damian lewis in a spy among friends


Starring Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce, this new limited series is based on Ben Macintyre’s bestseller which tells the true story of spies and friends Nicholas Elliot and Kim Philby, one of which turned out to be betraying the other for their whole friendship during the height of the Cold War.  

The Confessions of Frannie Langton

confessions of frannie langton tv series frannie and marguerite


Another drama based on an award-winning novel, this time from Sara Collins, The Confessions of Frannie Langton is a gothic tale following the life of a former slave who has come to England and is now fighting to tell her own story and live by her own rules in this dark and brooding murder mystery. Starring Karla-Simone Spence as Frannie, Sophie Cookson as her mistress Madame Marguerite Benham and Patrick Martins as Laddie Lightning, this looks like it’ll be a great watch for fans of Gentleman Jack.  

The Sex Lives of College Girls 

sex lives of college girls tv series


Created by Emmy®-nominated writer/producer Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble, this new comedy follows the lives of four college roommates as they begin their new lives of the campus of Essex College in New England.  

A Year on Planet Earth 

Narrated by Stephen Fry with a team of multi-award-winning creators including Tom Hugh-Jones (Planet Earth II) and Dr Martha Holmes (Blue Planet), this ambitious new documentary explores stories from every corner of the world and unfolds almost like a drama on the backdrop of natural history.  


Acclaimed writer Russell T Davies created Nolly as a love letter to beloved soap operas, the biopic following the life of actress Noele Gordon who played the role of Meg Mortimer in the long running British soap, Crossroads. With Helena Bonham Carter taking on the role of Nolly, this is definitely one to watch out for.  


David Tennant stars in this new four-part drama as Alexander Litvinenko, the former Russian Federal Security Services and KGB officer whose shocking death from polonium poisoning on British soil in 2006 triggered one of the most dangerous and complex investigations the Metropolitan Police have ever taken on. As well as this case, the drama will look at the murder from the perspecive of Litvinenko’s widow, Marine (Margarita Levieva), who fought to have the Russian State’s involvement in her husband’s death acknowledged and his killers named.  

The Case Against Cosby 

This new two-part documentary will uncover new and disturbing truths in the case of Bill Cosby and the sexual assault accusations against him. Following Andrea Constand, the only survivor whose case was able to be tried in court, it looks at Andrea’s journey for justice as well as the many other women who have finally been able to come forward and tell their stories publicly.  

Three Little Birds 

Based on Lenny Henry’s own experiences with his family, this drama tells the story of a group of friends who travel from Jamaica to Birmingham during the Windrush to create new lives in England. 

Deep Fake 

Another comedy to watch out for, Deep Fake promises some truly innovative filming techniques along with plenty of laughs as they create hilarious (yet almost believable) celebrity set-ups. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting new streaming platform... 

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