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5 TV Shows like Cobra Kai

So you’ve just finished watching Cobra Kai season 4, and now you NEED something similar just to get you through the day... We can help with that!


It’s only been a week since Cobra Kai season 4 dropped on Netflix, and we’re already desperate for a fifth, sixth and seventh season, so what on earth are we supposed to do until then? We’ve come up with five perfect solutions that should tide you over until the release of season 5! 

If, like me, you can’t get enough of Cobra Kai on Netflix, you may be asking yourself, What am I supposed to do with my life now? There’s an easy answer to this, watch something else. At the moment it seems like nothing can compare, trust me I know, but I have a feeling if you give these shows a go, you'll thank us.  

Top TV Shows that will get you out of your post season 4 Cobra Kai blues

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer  

It’s safe to say that if you loved the fighting element of Cobra Kai, then you’re going to love this hit 90s – early 2000’s TV Series. Following a girl who is given immense power to fight the forces of darkness, the show at its core deals with the everyday struggles of teenage life, and juxtaposes it against adult struggles, with characters like Giles who has reformed himself from the years of his youth. The same inner battle also reflects in characters like Angel, but if you’re looking for a bad-ass like Johnny Lawrence, look no further than William the Bloody, better known as Spike! He’s also great at martial arts, like all the vampires in BTVS. This is a totally fun show, and it’ll leave you feeling a complete mix of emotions. A must watch for any fan of Cobra Kai and The Karate Kid!   

Where to watch 

All seven seasons are currently streaming on Prime Video

2. Teen Wolf

Another show centered around teen life at high school, Teen Wolf replaces vampires for, you guessed it werewolves, and if you’re looking for a show with hilariously sassy comebacks, Scott McCall’s sidekick Stiles is your guy. Scott starts his journey as a regular, unpopular teen who sucks at the school sport, Lacrosse. But one day he’s bitten by a werewolf and his life changes forever, including his ability to play Lacrosse. If you’re looking for that Johnny/Miguel relationship, Derek and Scott will save you.  

Where to watch 

All six seasons are currently streaming on Netflix

3. Stranger Things 

We love when supernatural elements become a reflection of real-world issues in TV shows, and Stranger Things is no exception to that. Following the story of young high school kids set in a fictional town in 1980s America, follow their hilarious dynamics as they fight the upside down, a parallel universe threatening their existence. If you’re looking for somebody like a young Johnny Lawrence, look no further than bad boy Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery).   

Where to watch 

All three seasons are currently streaming on Netflix

4. Sex Education 

A little bit of realism, a little bit of drama, and a whole lot of awkwardness, there isn’t a show quite like Sex Education, but that’s why we love it. We’ve popped it in here because a) it’s set in high school, b) it includes guardian figures who don’t understand their kid’s issues, c) if you replace karate with sex education, Otis Milburn is basically Mr. Miyagi.  

Where to watch 

All two seasons are currently streaming on Netflix

5. Outer Banks 

We couldn’t leave the modern-day Goonies off the list. While it might not exactly have karate, there’s plenty of fighting involved in Outer Banks, and it also deals with big issues like racial inequality and poverty versus wealth. You could interpret this as Cobra Kai versus Miyagi-Do if you wanted to stretch it, but to be honest this show is a great watch for anyone looking for a hidden treasure on Netflix, no pun intended.  

Where to watch 

Seasons one and two are currently streaming on Netflix


Not over that Cobra Kai season 4 ending?  

So, the gang is back, and this time round they're gearing up for the All Valley Tournament. One thing we didn't expect this season was the glimmer of hope in John Kreese at the very end - will he redeem himself in season 5? Until then, you can still get your fill of similar stories in these five alternative TV Shows to watch that will help you recover from that epic finale.  

Ok, you can stop scrolling... 

Cobra Kai Season 5 release date 

Cobra Kai season 4 released on Netflix in the UK on the 31st December, and we’re still waiting for a confirmed date for season 5, but it is rumoured to be around a year after the release of season 4. If you haven’t watched the show yet, catch all four epic seasons on the streaming service now, which succeeds in paying homage to the original Karate Kid films. 


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