Channel 4 music channels launch on Freesat

Channel 4 music channels launch on Freesat

We've got tunes for the taking, so make sure you're listening in for all these amazing channels now available on our Freesat boxes!


Channel 504

magic logo

Get ready for music from the 1970s and onwards with Magic, the channel with all things easy listening to get you in groove just in time for the holidays! 


Channel 503


If hip-hop is more to your liking, we suggest tuning into Kiss on your Freesat 4K TV box today! With popular hits by some of the biggest artists, you'll never go without. Also features a selection of RnB and Grime!


Channel 505


Rock and Roll is here to stay on Kerrang, so all you heavy metal lovers can get your fix on the only British music channel dedicated to rock music! 

The Box (currently Box Christmas)

Channel 502

the box

Music videos galore, The Box is dedicated to playing music video premieres in the UK, from chart hits to top 20s and top 40s, and even a video of the week segment, The Box has it all!

Box Hits

Channel 501

box hits

Similar to The Box, Box Hits has a big focus on new music, but it also offers creative lists for all your party needs. For example, if ever you're planning a boyband party, they've been known to have a top 50 Boy Bands playlist! Or if you're in the mood to listen to your favourite artist for hours at a time, singing at the top of your lungs (we know we do) Box Hits also curates playlists focusing on certain artists and bands, i.e. Pussycat Dolls: Ultimate 10.