Comedy Legends

Comedy Legends is back on Sky Arts

Comedy Legends is airing on Sky Arts from Thursday 8th October, and we’re running through the episodes and delving into what makes these comedians stand out from the crowd. We’re also recounting their funniest moments, can you remember them? 

Episode 1: Charlie Chaplin 

The documentary series kicks things off with a powerful icon, Charlie Chaplin. The man synonymous with the silent film era, who opened a whole new world to comedy on screen. Still talked about and loved even today, Charlie Chaplin won’t soon be forgotten for his screen persona, ‘The Tramp’ (as he is seen dressed in the image below). He spent 75 years making us laugh and cry, and Sky Arts are honouring him in the first episode of Comedy Legends on Thursday 8th October at 9pm.  

Freesat’s favourite Charlie Chaplin scene comes from the 1931 silent film City Lights with this hilarious boxing scene:  


Episode 2: Julia Louis-Dreyfus 

In episode two, actress, comedian, singer and producer Julia Louis-Dreyfus deservedly gets the spotlight. The Seinfeld star first got her break in 1982 when she was cast in sketch show Saturday Night Live (or SNL), but she really rose to fame in 1989 when she starred as Elaine Benes in one of the most critically acclaimed sitcoms, Seinfeld. With eleven Emmy Awards under her belt, a Golden Globe Award and multiple other awards, we thought it right to take a look back at our favourite acceptance speech from Dreyfus below.  

Freesat’s favourite Julia Louis-Dreyfus moment comes from her acceptance speech for an Emmy award for the film Veep:  



Episode 3: Norman Wisdom 

Once referred to as his 'favourite clown' by Charlie Chaplin, Norman Wisdom, was a talented comedian and singer-songwriter. He rose to fame around the 1950s for his comedy films where he starred as Norman Pitkin, one of his greatest being Trouble in Store.  

Freesat’s favourite Norman Wisdom moment comes from a scene where he’s getting his photograph taken... We can’t help being infected with laughter ourselves while watching this clip! 



Episode 4: Kenneth Williams 

Well known for the iconic Carry On films, Kenneth Williams was a talented comedian known for his famous catchphrase ‘Stop messin’ about!’ Later in life, he became well known for being a raconteur and diarist, including after-dinner speaking, advertisement voiceovers, television quizzes and children’s shows, but none of these satisfied him quite like directing Loot and Entertaining Mr Sloane at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith.  

Freesat’s favourite Kenneth Williams moment comes from his role in Carry On Matron, in which he seeks medical advice from a psychiatrist: 



Other episodes from the series will delve into comedians Chevy Chase, John Candy, Bob Newhart, Erik Sykes, Alistair Sim and Leslie Phillips. You can watch Comedy Legends (Season 3) from Thursday 8th October at 9pm, and the subsequent episodes every Thursday after that at 9pm for 10 weeks.