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Where can I watch The Office UK for free?

Ricky Gervais’ original version of The Office is widely considered one of the best British comedies to date, first airing way back in 2001 (has it really been that long?!) – but how can you watch the classic sitcom for free these days?

What is The Office about?


The mockumentary follows the Wernham Hogg paper company in Slough, and became a break-out hit thanks to the colourful characters like Gareth (Mackenzie Crook), the romance between Tim and Dawn (Martin Freeman and Lucy Davis), and of course, Ricky Gervais’ iconic, inappropriate character of David Brent, the office manager.  

With grey cubicles, broken printers, daft pranks, office crushes, painful banter and some seriously awkward dance routines, The Office will leave you cringing as much as laughing – in the best way possible.  

Watch The Office UK on BBC iPlayer


Though it stopped filming in 2003, we still all love the original UK version of The Office, and we’re sure you’re wondering how to watch the sitcom for free. 

Thankfully, every episode of The Office, including the Christmas Specials, are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer. That means you can watch your favourite episodes and scenes to your heart’s content without having to pay by the episode. David Brent’s dancing springs to mind... 

How many seasons does The Office UK have?

The Office only had two seasons, plus two Christmas Specials, all available on BBC iPlayer!  

The Office UK or US better?


The Office won multiple awards, including the 2001 Best New TV Comedy award and even a Golden Globe Award for Best Television series: Musical or Comedy in 2003. It has even been remade, with The Office US starring Steve Carrell running for a whopping nine seasons, plus a whole host of other international adaptations.  

But which is better, the UK or US version? Well, we’ve done the research...Find out whether The Office UK or The Office US came out on top.  

Who is in the cast of The Office UK?

  • Legendary comedian Ricky Gervais (After Life, Extras) starred as David Brent, the cringe-inducing office manager  

  • Martin Freeman (Sherlock, The Responder) played the leading man Tim Canterbury, who’s will-they-won't-they romance with Dawn became the heart of the show 

  • Lucy Davis (Shaun of the Dead, Spaced) played Dawn Tinsley, the office receptionist and Tim’s office crush 

  • Mackenzie Crook (Pirates of the Caribbean) played the wonderfully awkward Gareth Keenan 

  • Stirling Gallacher (Little Britain, Coronation Street) as Jennifer Taylor-Clarke 

  • Oliver Chris (Green Wing, Motherland) as Ricky Howard  

  • Stacey Roca (Mindhunter) as Rachel 

  • Elizabeth Berrington (The Syndicate) as Anne 

  • Oliver Chris (Green Wing, Motherland) as Ricky Howard 

  • Ralph Ineson (The Witch) as Christ Finch 

  • Patrick Baladi (Stella) as Neil Godwin  

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