What ITV Regional SD channels closed on 13th April 2021?


ITV recently made some major improvements that allow virtually all of the local programmes for the ITV News regions to broadcast in High Definition (HD) on satellite. This allows most satellite viewers to watch ITV in high quality for the first time.

Now there are also changes to some ITV regional channels currently broadcast in Standard Definition (SD) on Sky and Freesat.

From April 13th households with an SD-only satellite set-top box will still receive ITV in the usual way but viewers in some regions may benefit from upgrading to a High Definition (HD) box to continue to see the more local channel service for their region.

This should affect a very small number of viewers with SD-only set-top boxes typically older than ten years. Here is how you can check if your Freesat box is SD only:

Go to channel 105:

- If the channel name is displayed as "Channel 5" or "Channel5" - you have an SD-only box

- If the channel name is displayed as "Channel 5 HD" or "C5 HD" - you have an HD box

To see if your region is impacted by these changes, please check our Channels Update page.

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