The new Olympic sport that will inspire you to get off the sofa!

If, like me, you've found yourself glued to the sofa throughout the pandemic, you may be wondering if it's time to get up and start being active again... These new Olympic sports might just be the answer or the inspiration you've been waiting for! From Skateboarding to Karate, find out below just what to expect from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games this year 🎉

Rock Climbing 

rock climbing

Known as Sport Climbing for the Olympics, rock climbing is a new addition to this year’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and is ever increasing in popularity according to the International Federation of Sport Climbing. They estimated that between ‘1,000 and 1,500 people were trying climbing for the first time, every single day, in the US.’ Will you be giving it a go this summer? 

What will the judging consist of? 

Speed Climbing 

  • Involves two climbers  

  • Race to the top of a fixed route on a 15m wall 

  • Men and women compete on the same course 


  • Climb a number of fixed routes on a 4m tall wall within a time frame 

  • No ropes 

  • Routes are dubbed ‘problems’ that climbers have to solve  

  • Lowest number of attempts to solve the problems wins 

  • Different problems are set for men and women 

Lead Climbing 

  • Climb as high as possible on overhanging 15m wall  

  • 6-minute time limit 

  • Secured by a rope 

  • Highest climber wins 

  • Climbers cannot attempt the route before the competition 



Surfing for something different to watch for the Olympics this year? Look no further, because Surfing is the ultimate feel-good sport to watch, though it isn’t exactly an easy option to consider as an activity for those of us living in the UK. But while we may not be able to ride the wave ourselves, it’s still worth watching. Held at Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach, 40 miles outside of Tokyo on Japan’s Pacific coast, the competition boasts natural waves. 

What to expect 

  • Four athletes will compete at the same time 

  • The best two will continue 

  • Only one rider can ride a wave 

  • Surfer closest to the peak has ‘right of way’ 

  • Any interference with another surfer may result in a penalty or point deductions 

  • Best way to win gold is to complete a variety of moves on large waves  



In an effort to draw the attention of a younger crowd for the 2020 Olympics, Tokyo have involved Skateboarding, including two events: Park and Street. It’s the most bizarre thing to watch at the Olympics this year! 


  • Individuals compete by performing tricks on stairs, handrails, benches, curbs, walls and slopes 

  • Scores include:  

    • Slide 

    • Grind 

    • Ollie 

    • Regular stance 

    • Goofy stance 


  • Takes place on hollowed-out course with a series of curved surfaces with steep rises 

  • Competitors climb the curves at speed and perform tricks in mid-air 

  • Scored on difficulty, originality and execution of their tricks. 



We’re not quite sure how Karate wasn’t already on the guest list until now, but we’re ready to look to the future and see a whole new wave of Karate Kids in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 80 athletes in total will compete in two styles: Kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring). There will be a separate event for men and women, with three weight classes across both.  


  • Offensive and defensive movements 

  • Practiced alone, targeting a virtual opponent

  • Scored on strength, speed, rhythm, balance, power of strikes and kicks, solidity, clarity, force of movements and more 


  • Two karateka face each other and compete on a matted area 

  • Traditional karate gi is worn and tied with a belt or sash called an obi 

  • Striking, kicking and punching are the three techniques allowed 

  • Land strikes on the target area of their opponent’s body to gain points 

  • More points awarded for those with good form, power and control 


Have you been inspired by any of the Olympic Sports this year? Let us know on our social post!  

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