Locke & Key | Key Guide

You've left the land of the living to find out about all of the keys and their uses in Netflix's Locke & Key, so prepare to be spooked!

The Matchstick Key

From the get go, this key is probably one of the most dangerous keys on the show. The first scene of episode one shows a man roughly in his forties take the key and commit suicide. It sets his house alight with a simple touch, before he uses it to stab himself in the chest.

The Anywhere Key

Fancy a free trip to Disney World? All you need is the Anywhere Key. It will take you wherever you want to go, as long as you can visualise the door you want to pass through. When Dodge acquires this key, she uses it to steal and plot. Not exactly what we'd use it for, but each to their own... 

Anywhere Key

The Mirror Key

One of the more twisted keys from the show is the Mirror Key. Anyone who dares to enter will be trapped in a prison of oneself. Dodge notes earlier in the season that those who enter find it very difficult to get out, and in a scene where Tyler is trapped in the mirror, he catches a glimpse of a skeletal corpse, likely the corpse of a past member of the Locke family. 

The Echo Key

Ellie Whedon possesses the Echo Key, and she uses it to resurrect her high school sweetheart. However it is later revealed that anyone who is brought to life with the Echo Key is simply a copy of that person, not exactly the person themselves. 

The Identity Key

The Identity Key comes in handy for Dodge this season - it's a key that allows you to transform into any person you want. We're still hazy about the mechanics of this key, for example would one be able to transfer into any living thing? Either way, this is definitely one of the more advantageous keys to possess. 

The Music Box Key

More of a reference to traditional magic and Voodoo, this key allows the keeper of the music box to insert the key and manipulate the actions of another. When Kinsey, Scot and Gabe exact their revenge on mean girl Eden, they use the Music Box and key to puppeteer her into making a complete fool of herself. 

music key drawing

The Ghost Key

The Ghost Key is probably more dangerous than the rest in terms of life and death, because this key can only be used on one door in Keyhouse. When Bode first discovered the key, he was shocked when he left through the door and his body died. On the other side of the door, he floated above it like a ghost. In his out-of-body experience he discovered that the door must be kept open, because if it is closed, the ghost will never be able to return to its body. 

ghost key drawing

The Head Key

The disturbing thing about the Head Key is the fact that anyone can enter and violate your mind in a number of ways. For example, when the key is inserted into the back of your head, your body lays dormant, and another version of you appears usually by a door. When opened you'll be able to look inside your mind, remove things and add things with ease. Want to pass your history exam tomorrow? Throw a couple of Horrible History books in your mind. Yep, that should do the trick.

head key drawing

The Tree Key

With the ability to manipulate any plant on earth, it still baffles us that Rendall and his friends used this key to hide his younger brother Duncan's memories. We'd probably use it to create an award winning garden for the Chelsea Flower Show 🌻

The Mending Key

For all the times you've smashed your mum's favourite china, just pop it in the Mending Cupboard and lock it with the Mending Key. When the cupboard has done its job, the china will be like new again! Note: the key only works with the cupboard.

The Shadow Key

One of the darker keys on the show, the Shadow Key, must be used alongside the Crown that Ellie takes from Keyhouse during the series. When the key is inserted into the crown, the inhabitant wearing it is able to control the shadow creatures that come with it. They can also control the shadows of other people, but they cannot attack in direct light, so make sure you keep all your lights on when they're around!   

The Omega Key

The Omega Key is the ultimate grey area of the show, and it is probably the most desirable key to have. Dodge is fixated on getting hold of the key, however it is not clear why. In the sea caves, Kinsey discovers a door in the shape of the Greek Omega symbol, and it is glowing blue. When opened, there seems to be a portal into a different dimension, where glowing lights jut out and possess people. It's the reason Lucas is possessed by the demon Dodge. 

Omega Key Drawing


Use the Anywhere Key below to find out more about Netflix's Locke & Key! 

Anywhere Key