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What's on Sky Arts?

For lovers of art, music and culture, Sky Arts is the channel for you. The channel is now free-to-air, so everyone can experience and enjoy more arts and culture from their living rooms.

Whether you’re a big fan of music, fancy learning a bit more about an artist you’ve always loved or are in the mood for something theatrical, Sky Arts has an endless array of arts and culture for you to enjoy for free. 

What’s on Sky Arts? 

Sky Arts puts artists, creatives and public participation centre stage, making arts and culture more accessible for everyone. With the move to free-to-air programming, Sky Arts is taking the chance to add some exciting new original programmes to their schedule, broadening the platform to give artists and arts organisations a great place to showcase their work.  

Here are just a few of the fab Sky original shows coming up which we’re sure all you arty types will love: 

Urban Myths 

Wednesdays at 10:30pm

urban myths hendrix and handel


This comedy series presents comedic fictionalised accounts of some of the most strange and unlikely stories and urban myths to come out of Hollywood, the music industry and arts world. From Samuel Beckett and Andre the Giant to Hendrix and Handel, this surreal series reimagines some of the biggest artistic names in history, with no concerns about little things like them living in completely different times... Plus, with big names like Robbie Coltrane, Katherine Ryan and Steve Pemberton starring as history’s legendary stars, Urban Myths is always worth a watch. Tune in on Wednesdays at 10:30pm.  

Portrait Artist of the Year  

Wednesdays at 8pm

portrait artist of the year


Portrait Artist of the Year will see 24 celebrities from the art world sit for a range of incredibly talented portrait artists, including singer Ray BLK, designer Pam Hogg and actor James Nesbitt. The show will once again be hosted by Stephen Mangan, so see who wins the prize on Wednesdays at 8pm.  

Life and Rhymes 

Wednesdays at 10pm

life and rhymes sky arts


Celebrate the art of spoken word with some of the UK’s leading performers with this brand-new series. Hosted by Benjamin Zephaniah, the show will see poets performing in front of live audiences, plus members of the same audience will get the chance to perform on the open mic. 

Comedy Legends 

Thursdays at 9pm 

comedy legends sky arts kenneth williams


Comedy Legends takes a look back at some of the greatest comedians through history, revisiting their funniest moments and fascinating lives. From Charlie Chaplin to Kenneth Williams, find out what made these comics stand out from the crowd. Find out more about Comedy Legends and which comedians will be featured in each episode.  

Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road 

Fridays at 9pm 

brian johnson and robert plant a life on the road


AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson visits fellow rockers to reminisce about life on the road. Through the series Brian will visit rock ‘n’ roll legends like Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason – and that’s just the beginning. From wrecked hotel rooms to sleepless nights, hear stories of the road from true rock gods on Friday nights at 9pm over on Sky Arts.  

Icon: Music Through the Lens 

Fridays at 10pm 

icon music through the lens jimi hendrix


This brand-new series explores the historical and cultural impact of music photography through the ages. Featuring interviews with musicians and journalists, look back at the music photographers who became as famous as the music legends they photographed, including Mick Rock, Gered Mankowitz and Jill Furmanovsky. From the image of Freddie Mercury at Live Aid to Paul Simonon smashing his bass guitar on stage with The Clash, find out whose behind the lens of these iconic musical images.  

Art and Mind 

Tuesdays at 10pm 

Art and Mind William Blake


Art and Mind explores the creative impulse and inspiration behind some of history’s most unique and experimental artists. Featuring interviews with art historians, curators, artists, neuroscientists and psychiatrists, explore what inspired the likes of William Blake, Edvard Munch, Salvador Dali, Francisco Goya, Hieronymus Bosch and Vincent Van Gogh to break from the art styles of the time and create exciting new movements ahead of their time.  

Sky Arts Late 

Thursdays at 10pm

Sky Arts Late


Sky Arts Late is a new late-night arts and culture show which will air monthly. Hosted by Tim Marlow and a range of other big and emerging names from the arts world, the show will feature topical debates, critical discussions and outstanding live performances. 

The South Bank Show, S10 

Starts Sunday 22nd November at 10:45 pm 

south bank show s10 melvyn bragg and gillian anderson


The art series returns for season 10 with Melvyn Bragg presenting. In the first episode, Bragg gets to meet actress Gillian Anderson where she discusses her latest role as Margaret Thatcher in Netflix’s The Crown, providing viewers with an exclusive reading of the role.  

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