Shows to watch after Vigil

Discover the shows that'll get you out of your Vigil blues, handpicked by the telly experts!

Missing Vigil already? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in a great drama, and sometimes they can be difficult to come by, especially when it seems like there is too much choice to choose from on the TV Guide. But when you find a gem like Vigil, you know you’re going to be glued to the sofa, and we don’t blame you. But what do you do when it’s over? Don’t worry, the telly experts are here to guide you! Here are the top shows to binge watch right now to get you through the Vigil blues... 

1. Time 

Time stars Sean Bean and is about a man named Mark Cobden who has been sentenced to four years in prison after accidentally killing a man. Once a teacher, Mark suffers the pangs of guilt and openly accepts his sentence, although it isn’t long before the harsh realities of life behind bars overwhelms him, and now he must fight for survival. The series is a must watch for true crime fanatics and those who have a strong need for gritty TV shows, plus if you loved Vigil, we know you’re going to love Time.  

Where can you watch it? 

Time is streaming right now on BBC iPlayer, so you can watch whenever it suits you! Simply visit the on-demand section of your 4K TV Box and select BBC iPlayer.  

2. The Deceived  

For a more twisted and steamy take on a thriller TV must-watch, try The Deceived. Originally a Channel 5 commission, This thriller follows a Cambridge student named Ophelia who, and stay with us, falls in love with her married lecturer. Seems tired, right? Seen it all before? Well when this affair is interrupted by a shocking and tragic death, things start to go south, and Ophelia soon finds herself trapped in a world where she can no longer trust anyone, not even her own mind... This twisted thriller will shock you, trust us! 

Where can you watch it? 

If you didn’t catch The Channel 5 series earlier this year, don’t fret, you can catch all four episodes now on Netflix (app available on our 4K TV Boxes)

3. The Nest 

In for another BBC drama? So are we. The Nest is a must-see for any Vigil fan. Its premise is somewhat unusual, but promise us you’ll stick with it. A madly in love couple named Dan and Emily live in a huge house in the nicest part of Glasgow. They seem to have it all, except one thing. The pair have been eager to have a baby for years but have thus far had no success. When they explore the option of using a surrogate, they find a young girl who seems willing. Love, trust and the true cost of being able to buy whatever you want are explored heavily in The Nest, and it isn’t one to miss.  

Where can you watch it? 

All 5 episodes of The Nest are available to watch now on BBC iPlayer for the next six months, so get in before it’s gone! 

4. Lupin 

Mystery thriller Lupin has two series for you to binge watch right now, and follows the adventures of Arséne Lupin, the gentleman thief Assane Diop (Omar Sy), on a mission to avenge his father who was wronged by the wealthy Hubert Pellegrini. The show comes from the creators of Now You See Me, and offers plenty of unexpected twists and turns and promises to keep you going through that Vigil shaped hole in your heart! 

Where can you watch it? 

Check out seasons one and two on Netflix! 

5. The Irregulars 

If you’re looking for a slightly easier watch, i.e. something you can binge watch in one day, we recommend The Irregulars on Netflix. The show is set in Victorian London, and follows a gang of troubled teenagers who are being manipulated into solving crimes by none other than Doctor Watson. Yep, you heard that correctly. Sherlock Holmes fans line up, because this mysterious, supernatural and horrifying twist on the tale is sure to get you through the next eight hours... 

Where can you watch it? 

Season one is out now on Netflix! 

6. The Serpent 

If we didn’t mention The Serpent, we wouldn’t be doing our job. This phenomenal true-crime drama helped give BBC iPlayer viewing figures a dramatic boost earlier this year, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a treat. If you have seen it, this might be a prompt to re-watch it! Based on real events, The Serpent follows Charles Sobhraj, a serial killer wanted for the grisly murders of young female backpackers across Asia during the mid-70s.  

Where can you watch it? 

Watch the eight-part limited series now on BBC iPlayer - go on, you know you want to.  

7. McDonald & Dodds 

This British detective drama is a little different to the other shows on this list, but that’s because we thought we’d end on a slightly lighter note. Sometimes when we’ve watched an intense drama/thriller, it’s better to take a step back and relax. McDonald & Dodds are your go-to detectives to get you through this period! Though the pair have absolutely nothing in common, they are thrown together to investigate murders in modern-day Bath, and soon find themselves forming a rumbustious partnership along the way.  

Where can you watch it? 

Watch both seasons now on ITV Hub! 

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