Freesat - What are the different picture settings?

New Freesat 4K TV Boxes


What are the different picture settings?

Our latest 4K TV Boxes have a variety of options for output resolution. During set-up, your Box will automatically configure itself to use the best picture resolution your TV can show:

  • 576 – SD (Standard definition)
  • 720 – HD (A lower standard of High Definition)
  • 1080 – HD (High Definition)
  • 2160 – 4K (Ultra High Definition)

If you can’t see the 2160 (4K) option then your Tv isn’t 4K ready.

By selecting ‘Auto’, your Box will automatically detect the highest resolution that your TV can support. You can choose to downgrade your picture quality, but you cannot select a resolution greater than your TV is able to display.

If you have a 4K TV with HDCP less than 2.2 you will have problems playing content in Netflix. If this occurs, try changing your screen resolution to HD1080 to resolve it.

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