What is the Connected Red Button?

You might’ve heard a lot of buzz about the BBC Connected Red Button, but how much do you actually know about this nifty feature? Find out more about the CRB and all the great things you can do with it to see even more top telly content on your Freesat 4K TV box.

What can the Connected Red Button do?

The BBC Connected Red Button gives Freesat watchers an even more interactive experience while watching their favourite telly. For selective shows and events, you’ll be able to click the Connected Red Button on your remote to see special content like extra information about what you’re watching, bonus videos or even quizzes.  

This is especially great news for sports fans, as at the click of a button you’ll see tons more exclusive content on top BBC events coming this summer, such as Wimbledon Tennis and The Commonwealth Games 2022. From highlights and news headlines to live streams, the latest fixtures, scores and results, everything you need is right there on your remote and will appear as an overlay over all the live action, so you don’t miss a second.  

Take a look at what’s coming up on the BBC Connected Red Button schedule.  

How do I use the Connected Red Button?

To use the Connected Red Button, you’ll need your Freesat 4K TV Box to be connected to your internet broadband. The BBC Sport App can also be found on the On Demand section on your set top box, which can be found via the Home menu.  

If you’re watching a TV show with bonus Red Button content, you’ll see a notification flash in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Simply click the button to see everything available and get an extra layer of exciting content for your viewing experience. Alternatively, to access the Connected Red Button directly, head to Freesat channel 981, or press the BACK and GREEN buttons on your Freesat remote to access the Connected Red Button services at any time.  

Need more help setting up the Connected Red Button on your Freesat device? Head to our Help pages for more information. Plus, take a look at what else is new on our 4K TV Boxes with all the Freesat latest software updates.  

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