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5 Things we love about Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson

Stranger Things dropped volume 1 of season 4 earlier this week, and we’re still recovering from the rollercoaster of emotions it put us through! From the continued bromance between Steve and Dustin to old flames getting re-ignited, there’s just been so much to unpack this season that we’re not sure where to begin. One thing we are sure of, though, is Eddie Munson.

Pretty much everyone has fallen in love with the shaggy haired, metal loving, free-spirited ‘freak’ and leader of Hellfire club, a D&D club that Dustin, Mike and Lucas join during season 4. From the moment he came on the scene in Hawkins’ High School cafeteria, we knew we were going to be in for a thrill. So, here’s five reasons why we love Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), and if you haven’t watched Stranger Things: Chapter 4 yet, be warned of a few spoilers below!  

5 Things we love about Eddie Munson 

1. He’s funny, even when he’s not trying to be 

When he was first introduced to the supernatural elements in the show, it was arguably one of the most traumatic interactions with the supernatural so far (without any harm falling upon him). For viewers, it was horrifying to watch as Chrissy’s body was raised into the air like magic, and then her bones snapped and eyes recessed. But somehow before all of this, while Chrissy was possessed, Eddie was trying to shake her back to consciousness, and there was something inherently funny about it, and now it is officially a TikTok sound (and possibly your new alarm). Check out the scene below!  

2. He’s theatrical and passionate 

Like a lot of the cast, Eddie overreacts to situations, in a good way. When we’re first introduced to his character it’s at the cafeteria, and he’s talking passionately about Hellfire club and all things Dungeons and Dragons when Dustin interrupts him to tell him that Lucas won’t be joining him. Well, Eddie doesn’t like that. He flicks food at Mike (improvised) and ends up on the table gaining the attention of the other students, and not backing down when the basketball captain makes a quip at him. Still, under the exterior of being so dramatic, we know he isn’t being that serious, but when it comes to Hellfire, nobody messes with him.  

3. He’s a gentleman, and he’s honest.  

He might be a lover of rock and roll and, yes, technically he is a drug dealer, but Eddie is also kind-hearted and he’s probably the most honest character on the show. When the teens travel to the upside down, Steve just happens to be shirtless (it’s for the plot, okay?) and of course to help with his ‘dignity’, Eddie lends him his denim gilet. It’s all pretty badass and gentlemanly at the same time – what’s not to like? Plus, Eddie knocks some sense into Steve about Nancy – it's official, he’s a Stancy shipper! 

4. He’s got a great ‘do.  

Believe it or not, Eddie Munson’s hair doesn’t actually belong to him. It’s a wig, and it’s nicknamed The Beast, because it’s probably the craziest (in the best way) wig on the set of Stranger Things. So much so that it needed its own nickname. The personification of this wig is nothing less than metal at its finest, everything that Eddie represents. Check out the process for the wig fitting, plus a sneaky cameo from ‘ahem’ a shirtless Steve Harrington...  



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5. He’s based on a real person 

During an interview for Stranger Things, The Duffer Brothers (Matt and Ross) revealed that the inspiration for the character of Eddie came from a real person – Damien Echols, who was controversially convicted for the murder of three 8-year-old boys. They said they wanted to insert the very real ‘satanic panic’ into the fourth season and succeeded in doing so. Munson gets framed for the supernatural murder of Chrissy, although we all know the real killer is Vecna – but how exactly does one explain that to an unbelieving police force?  

eddie munson talking to chrissy



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