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What's on Channel 5?

From fascinating history documentaries to must-see entertainment, there's tons of fantastic new shows to look forward to on Channel 5! Most excitingly, 5Action has now officially launched, so let’s see what’s coming up...


The Teacher

Channel 5, starts Monday 31st January at 9pm

sheridan smith in the teacher looking into a mirror


Starring Sheridan Smith, The Teacher follows a state schoolteacher called Jenna who is accused of a drunken sexual encounter with one of her student, but Jenna has no memory of the night, so even she doesn't know the truth...To find out what really happened and redeem her reputation, she'll have to uncover a dark secret from her past. Playing throughout the week at 9pm, this four-part psychological thriller will keep you guessing...

PLUS...Introducing 5Action! 


5Action orange logo


We're very excited to see 5Action launch on Wednesday 19th January, replacing Paramount Network on Freesat channel 132.  

So what will be on 5Action?  

Expect big stories, big characters and big drama on 5Action, along with gripping factual entertainment. From old favourites to modern must-sees, here’s a peek at what to watch on 5Action:  


5Action, Wednesdays at 9pm 

Treadstone series 1


Here’s one for all the Jason Bourne fans out there! Starring Jeremy Irvine, this action-packed thriller delves into the murky world of Operation Treadstone, a CIA black ops program that used behaviour modification to turn its recruits into unstoppable assassins. How did the operation come about, and what are its plans for the many sleeper agents scattered across the world waiting to carry out their deadly assignments?  

Plus, don’t miss:  

WWE – Saturdays at 10am, Thursdays at 11pm 

Police Interceptors – Daily  

Trucking Hell - Thursdays at 9pm 

Traffic Cops – Daily  

Fights Camera Action 

Caught on Camera 


Head to our TV Guide to find out what’s on 5Action today!  


Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild  

Channel 5, Tuesdays at 9pm 

ben fogle new lives in the wild


Ben Fogle returns for a new series of New Lives in the Wild as he meets people who have shunned the rat race for new lives closer to nature. Watch if you dream of leaving the city behind to lead a more sustainable life... 

Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly  

Channel 5, Tuesdays at 8pm 

graeme hall with two large dogs


Graeme Hall continues to travel across Britain to visit naughty pups and try to set them straight.  Watch if you want a few tips for training your dog out of a few bad habits, or if you love dogs, plain and simple 🐶  

You Are What You Eat 

Channel 5, Wednesdays at 8pm   

Trisha Goddard and Dr Amir Khan with table of food


Trisha Goddard and Dr Amir Khan set out to help families across the country break bad eating habits and reclaim control over their lives in just eight weeks. Tune in for the return of the table of truth and infamous poo test... 

Our Great Yorkshire Life 

Channel 5, Thursdays at 8pm 

man leaning on a fence against yorkshire landscape


Celebrate the rich heritage and history of Yorkshire in this new series. Follow the lives of people living in Yorkshire to immerse yourself in their everyday world, as well as discovering long-held traditions in this beautiful and iconic region.  

999: Critical Condition 

Channel 5, Thursdays at 9pm 

doctor stood in busy hospital


From car accidents to falls from waterfalls, this documentary series sees the most life-threatening injuries which come into Stoke’s Royal University Hospital to show how the specialist team of doctors and nurses deal with the most critical injuries and make decisions under pressure to save lives.  

Kate Humble’s Coastal Britain  

Channel 5, Fridays at 8pm   

kate humble on cliff by the coast


Follow naturalist Kate Humble as she explores the British coastline, delving into the history and culture of the area on her way.   


All Creatures Great and Small, S2 

Watch on My5 

all creatures great and small series 2


Picking up three months after the events of series 1’s final episode, All Creatures Great and Small sees James Herriot returning to the Yorkshire Dales after a trip home to Glasgow which has left him feeling conflicted. While in Glasgow he’s been offered a high-flying job with his old mentor, but will he choose to move on or stay in the Yorkshire Dales which have become so dear to him? 

Read our interviews with the stars, Nicholas Ralph and Rachel Shenton

Lie with Me 

Watch on My5

lie with me channel 5


Starring Charlie Brooks, Brett Tucker and Phoebe Roberts, this brand-new drama is a must-see this week on Channel 5. It follows British Anna and her Australian husband move to Melbourne with their two children for a fresh start, but when they bring in a young local girl named Becky to be a live-in nanny to help out, Anna begins to see that Becky isn’t the innocent stranger she says she is. Watch the new thriller, Lie With Me, on My5.  

Police Hour of Duty, S2 

Watch on My5

police hour of duty


A new series of Police Hour of Duty follows Derbyshire police in their duties for an hour a night between 9pm and 10pm, this documentary series gives a glimpse of the high stakes world of police work.  

Walking Britain’s Lost Railways, S4 

Watch on My5

rob bell walking britains lost railways kent


Rob Bell is once again exploring Britain’s lost railway lines, starting in Yorkshire on following the tracks of a man once known as the ‘Railway King’ who went from life on the farm to the Lord Mayor of York.  

Our Yorkshire Farm, S5 

Watch on My5

our yorkshire farm owen family


Head back to the farm with the Owen family for the latest season of Our Yorkshire Farm. As the children get older, they take on new responsibilities, while old fixtures of the farm pass on. Experience the idyllic life of the Owen family on their stunning Yorkshire farm where the nine children get stuck in with lambing, embracing the great outdoors, and living a wholesome life! 

The Railway Killers 

Watch on My5

woman sat alone in a railway carriage


This new documentary series follows a chain of murders of women at railway stations across London which took place in the early 1980s. Using testimony from police and the victims’ friends as well as reconstructions of the crimes, hear the true stories behind these London murders.  

Find more true crime and railway programmes on Freesat. 

Kew Gardens: A Year in Bloom 

Watch on My5

kew gardens palm house


Kew Gardens consists of 320 acres of remarkably diverse, important and beautiful plant life, and is one of the world’s most significant botanical gardens. This new documentary series follows a year at Kew, from winter to spring, to see how the staff care for and curate the gardens. Get a behind-the-scenes look at a year at Kew to see the everyday work which goes into keeping their gardens and the vital plants they house looking their best, from pruning to making sure the banana plants don’t break through the ceiling of the palm house! 

Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms with Mark Millar 

Watch on My5

mark millar in a bathroom with couple


In this brand new series, DIY expert Mark Millar goes to homes around the country to help homeowners transform their kitchens and bathrooms into the dream rooms they’ve always wanted. From a modern £50,000 kitchen in Glasgow to a £5,000 rainforest-themed bathroom in Sutton Coldfield, tune in to get ideas and inspiration for your own home reno project... 

Can’t get enough of these home transformations? Check out the other top home renovation shows on right now! 

Inside Chernobyl with Ben Fogle 

Watch on My5

ben fogle chernobyl


Join Ben Fogle as he spends a week living alone in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. More than 30 years since the devastating nuclear accident, the exclusion zone remains a ghost town, prohibited to all except rare and permitted visitors. During his time there, Ben will explore the deserted remains of Pripyat, where residents had to flee leaving most of their possessions behind them. From the hospital to the infamous nuclear power plant, explore the haunting ruins left behind the accident. Watch Inside Chernoybyl with Ben Fogle now on My5

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