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Stay up-to-date with all the latest TV releases coming soon to Freesat, as well as on-demand editions which you can binge watch in one go.


BBC One, starts Tuesday 29th September at 9pm 

life bbc one


Written by Doctor Foster creator Mike Bartlett, this Doctor Foster spin-off continues the story of Anna, GP Gemma Foster’s neighbour, as well as introducing new characters. Starring Victoria Hamilton, Alison Steadman, Peter Davison and many other big names, this new drama is a must-see. Find out more about Life on BBC One and what it’s all about.  

Love Life 
BBC One, starts Wednesday 30th September at 10:45pm 

love life anna kendrick


This comedy series stars Anna Kendrick as Darby Carter. We follow her through her 20s and 30s on her quest for love, and all the hiccups, heartbreaks and lasting friendships that come along the way. It comes to BBC One on Wednesday 30th September, is also available on BBC iPlayer to watch as a boxset. Find more of our favourite box sets for you to binge.  

BBC One, starts Sunday 18th October 

roadkill hugh laurie


Created by David Hare, this new drama stars Hugh Laurie as Peter Laurence, a charming Conservative MP expected to quickly rise to power. But first, he must silence the journalist out to expose him. Tune in for intrigue and politics at its best.  

Enslaved: Samuel L. Jackson 
BBC Two, starts Sunday 11th October at 9pm

enslaved samuel l jackson


After acquiring Enslaved: The Lost History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, BBC Two has created a new four-part documentary series. The series will feature Hollywood star and human rights activist Samuel L. Jackson, and will be a key part of the BBC’s content for Black History Month. View it all year in the Black and British Collection, or watch the first episode on Sunday 11th October at 9pm on BBC Two. 

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 
BBC One, Saturday 17th October at 7:50pm

strictly come dancing 2020


Strictly is back! The multi-award-winning series returns in 2020 to dazzle us once again. Tune in for the first installment on Saturday 17th October on BBC One - and to get ready, check out our list of our favourite Strictly performances to date. 

Ghost Stories 
Available on BBC iPlayer 

Who’s in the mood for something spooky to get ready for Halloween? Ghost Stories follows Professor Philip Goodman, famed for his debunking of hoaxes and ghost sightings. He’s now been given three chilling and supposedly unsolvable cases by his hero and role model Charles Cameron, who has been missing and presumed dead for years. Can Goodman discover the truth and explain what Cameron could not? 

In the Face of Terror 
BBC Two, starts Monday 5th October at 9pm 

in the face of terror


Following two deadly acts of terror, this three-part series follows the work of ordinary people on the hunt for truth and justice. From Syria to New Zealand, you never know where and when terrorists are going to strike. Watch the first episode on Monday 5th October at 9pm, and the next episodes on Mondays at 9pm on BBC Two.  

The Wall  
BBC One, starts Saturday 3rd October at 9:15pm 

the wall danny dyer


The UK version of the US gameshow begins on Saturday 3rd October with host Danny Dyer. Watch as contestants drop balls down a four-story-tall pegboard wall hoping to win a jackpot of £9million. Enjoy on Saturdays at 9:15pm on BBC One.  

Top Gear 
BBC One, starts Sunday 4th October at 8pm 

top gear series 29


Top Gear returns for its 29th season on Sunday 4th October. Hosted by Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness and Freddie Flintoff, get ready for more cheeky banter, terrific vehicles and high-octane competition. Tune in on Sundays at 8pm.  

 Little Mix: The Search 
BBC One, starts Saturday 26th September at 7pm

little mix the search

Join global pop superstars Little Mix on their hunt for incredible singers around the UK, giving top new talent the chance to become members of bands to support their UK tour. Watch the first episode on Saturday 26th September, then on Saturdays at 7pm.

Michael Palin: My Travels of a Lifetime 
BBC Two, Starts Sunday 4th October at 8pm 

michael palin travels of a lifetime


Join ex-Monty Python comic Michael Palin look back on his favourite travel programmes and diaries after he became an accidental traveller when he accepted an offer to go around the world in 80 days. Fans and friends, including Sir David Attenborough, Simon Reeve and Joanna Lumley, reflect on his achievements and experiences as we follow Palin around the world. Watch the four episodes on Sundays at 8pm on BBC Two.  

His Dark Materials, Season 2 
Coming Soon  

his dark materials season 2 ruth wilson

Season 2 of this hit fantasy trilogy is coming soon to the BBC. The battle rages over a mysterious particle called Dust in a parallel world ruled by Magisterium, but can Lyra stop the fight from breaking through into our time? Stay tuned for the release date of this must-see drama.  



Prince William: A Planet For Us All 
ITV, Monday 5th October at 9pm  

prince william a planet for us all


This hour and a half long documentary grants exclusive access to Prince William across two years, following him across the world on his mission to champion action to help and preserve the natural world and celebrate the work of local heroes. Find out more about the exciting documentary and tune in on Monday 5th October at 9pm on ITV.  

Alison Hammond: Back to School 
ITV, Tuesday 6th October at 9pm 

alison hammond back to school


This Morning star Alison Hammond hosts this one-off documentary as she travels across the UK to key historical sites in the ultimate school history trip – with a twist. As part of ITV’s Black History Month lineup, Alison will look at the history we’ve taught in school from a different angle, uncovering black historical figures who have been left out of the school textbook.  

Sorry, I Didn’t Know 
ITV, Tuesday 6th October at 10:45pm 

sorry i didn't know jimmy akingbola


Following Alison Hammond’s history trip across Britain is Sorry, I Didn’t Know, a comedy panel show hosted by Kate & Koji’s Jimmy Akingbola which celebrates untold stories and unsung heroes for Black History Month. Join Jimmy along with team leaders Chizzy Akudola and Judi Love and a range of comedians as they try to answer Black History trivia and win the game. Guest comedians include Angie Le Mar, Humza Arshad, Verona Rose, Toby Williams and Shaun Wallace. Read our exclusive interview with Jimmy Akingbola to find out more about the show and what it means to him.  

Black Comedy Legends 
ITV, Tuesday 13th October at 8pm 

Made up of celebrity interviews and archive footage, this hour long special takes a closer look at Britain’s Black comedy legends and TV shows which defined Black comedy. From today’s stars like Michaela Coel to pioneers like Charlie Williams, Yorkshire’s breakout black comic, discover the legacy of black comics through Britain’s history and hear from the next generation of comedic voices shaping the genre today.  

The Sister 
ITV, Monday 26th October at 9pm

the sister itv

Another exciting new drama coming to ITV is The Sister, starring Russell Tovey, Bertie Carvel and Amrita Acharia. When a face from the past arrives with news that could tear Nathan’s (Russell Tovey) life apart, he must find a way to hide his secrets. You won’t want to miss what sounds like a thrilling new show, so tune in for the first episode on Monday 26th October. 

ITV, Starts Monday 28th September at 9pm

honour cast itv

Based on the real “honour killing” of 20-year-old Banaz Mahmod in 2006, this new two-part drama stars Keeley Hawes (Bodyguard, The Durrells) as Detective Chief Inspector Caroline Goode, who swore to bring Banaz’s killer to justice. Find out the whole harrowing story from Monday 28th September.

Hey Tracey, Season 2 
ITV2, starts Monday 5th October at 10pm 

hey tracey

Another great show which is returning this September is Hey Tracey, which is back for season 2. Joel Dommett hosts the comedy quiz show along with the help of Tracey, his virtual assistant. Watch as celebrities make cold calls to businesses and win cash prizes for members of the public. Get ready to laugh from Monday 5th October at 10pm on ITV2.  

The Million Pound Cube 
ITV, Monday 19th October 

The Million Pound Cube is back, along with its host, Philip Scholfield. Contestants will compete in a series of challenges to win the jackpot, but instead of playing for £250,000 like in previous years, this year they’ll be trying to win a whopping £1 million!  

Gemma Collins Diva Forever and Ever 
ITV, Tuesday 13th October  

Back for season 3, Gemma Collins continues to be her diva-self through lockdown as she tries to run her business, and stay sane!  

Six Nations 
ITV, Saturday 24th October  

six nations 2020


You won’t want to miss this year's Six Nations Championship as it restarts following it’s pause due to Covid-19. England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy will be competing to take home the trophy. Kicking off with Italy vs. Ireland on Saturday 24th October. Check out what other sports are on Freesat this week.  


Agatha & the Midnight Murders  
Channel 5, Wednesday 7th October at 9pm 

agatha & the midnight murders


This brand-new Channel 5 film follows Agatha Christie as she makes the choice to kill off her most famous and popular character – detective Hercule Poirot. Ever-pragmatic, Agatha sells the novel of Poirot’s death to a superfan who will pay a fortune for it, but when the buyer dies and the manuscript is stolen, Agatha finds herself in one of her mystery novels, trying to unravel the conspiracy before it’s too late. There is also another chance to catch the previous instalment, Agatha & The Curse of Ishtar, on Sunday 4th October 7pm. 

Friday on the Farm  
Channel 5, Friday 9th October at 9pm  

friday on the farm helen skelton


Join Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson as they bring us this week’s action from Cannon Hall Farm. As farmers get ready for harvest, the busiest season of the year, they follow them as they gather the crops, care for their flocks and feed the nation.   

Escape to the Farm with Kate Humble  
Channel 5, Tuesday 13th October at 9pm 

escape to the farm with kate humble


Discover more about Springwatch’s Kate Humble's move from the city to the countryside to set up her own little farm for a self-sufficient life. From enjoying the fresh country air to the joys of growing her own veg, join her in her idyllic countryside life.   

Our Miscarriage: Our Story 
Channel 5, Thursday 15th October at 10pm   

our miscarriage: our story


In Miscarriage: Our Story, nine women and men lift the lid on the nuances of miscarriage that wreak destruction for would-be parents. Each recalls the day their pregnancy ended and the intimate details of their personal lives at the time. Contributors are: Anna Whitehouse, Matt Farquharson, Natasha Kaplinsky, Lacey Turner, Izzy Judd, Jane Danson, Jessica Hepburn, Lisa Francesca Nand and David Kirk. This film encourages parents everywhere to grieve openly for their lost children. 

Henry VIII: Rise of a Tyrant 
Channel 5, Wednesday 14th October at 9pm  

henry viii rise of a tyrant


This new series explores how Henry VIII transformed from a charismatic young prince into a paranoid and brutal king who had two of his wives killed. Narrated by actor Jason Isaacs over three episodes, this drama-documentary series shows the infamous Tudor King in a new light. Watch the first episode at 9pm on Wednesday 14th October.   

Harlan Coben’s Safe  
5STAR, Wednesdays at 9pm from Wednesday 30th September 

harlan corbens safe


Starring Michael C. Hall (Dexter) as a widowed surgeon struggling to raise his two daughters alone, this thrilling drama follows his desperate search for his daughter when she goes missing from their supposedly safe gated community. However, dark secrets from the affluent community soon start to come out.    

The Highland Vet  
5SELECT, Coming soon  

the highland vet


The Highland Vet returns soon for a new series on 5Select. Watch as vets located in the most northern mainland of the UK work hard to support animals and their owners through the tough winter months and through birthing season in spring. From livestock to domestic pets and wildlife, follow the dedicated teamwork around the clock in some of the most challenging conditions around. 


Adult Material 
Channel 4, starts Monday 5th October at 10pm 

adult material channel 4


This new drama follows Hayley Burrows, a.k.a. Jolene Dollar, a poster girl for the porn industry and the breadwinner for her family. However, her world turns upside down when she discovers someone from her past is coming to the UK to collaborate with her friend and oldest colleague. Starring Hayley Squires, Rupert Everett and Julian Ovenden in this thrilling new drama about the porn industry, starting from Monday 5th October at 10pm.  

Bone Detectives: Britain’s Buried Secrets 
Channel 4, Saturdays at 8pm 

bone detectives season 2


Tune in for a new season of Bone Detectives. Tori Herridge and a team of scientists unearth the stories and lives behind the bones dug up around Britain, revealing a secret and often untold history of Britain.  

999: What’s Your Emergency? 
Channel 4, Starts Monday 5th October at 9pm 

999 what's your emergency channel 4


Speaking of new, an all-new season of 999: What’s Your Emergency is also coming to Channel 4. Get an inside look at the lives of emergency services workers across the UK, including police, fire and ambulance teams on the front lines.  

Married at First Sight, S5 
Channel 4, Tuesday 6th October at 9:30pm 

married at first sight season 5


If you’ve already found yourself hooked to Married at First Sight Australia this summer, then we have good news! Season 5 is coming to Channel 4 this October, with even more drama, tears and maybe even some romance. Stay tuned for the release date of this must-see reality TV! 

The Great House Giveaway 
Channel 4, Monday 5th October at 4pm 

the great house giveaway channel 4


This new series gives people the chance to win their way onto the property ladder, in exchange for a little teamwork and elbow grease. Hosted by Simon O’Brien, each episode will give two strangers the money to buy a house at auction and renovate it as a team, and then when they sell it, they get to keep the profits to buy a place of their own.  

The Truth About Your Sandwich 
Channel 4, Thursday 8th October at 8pm 

the truth about your sandwich channel 4


Have you ever given much thought to what’s in your meal deal? Helen Skelton takes a peek behind the curtain of Britain’s sandwich industry, revealing some shocking hygiene conditions at a major sandwich chain in the process.  

Find more Channel 4 highlights on Freesat.  


Dara and Ed’s Pan-American Adventure 
BLAZE, Starts Monday 5th October at 10pm 

dara and ed's pan-american adventure


BLAZE is hitting the road this October, starting with Dara and Ed’s Pan-American Adventure. Join comedians Dara O’Brien and Ed Byrne as they set off on an epic 4,000-mile adventure following the historic Richardson Pan-American Highway Expedition of ‘The Three Damn Fools’: Sullivan Richardson, Arnold Whitaker and Kenneth C. Van Hee.  

Ozzy and Jack’s American Road Trip, S2 
BLAZE, Starts Monday 19th October at 10pm 

ozzy and jacks american road trip s2


Continuing the road trip theme, Ozzy Osborne and his son Jack are back for another extreme roadtrip. The father and son team will travel thousands of miles to experience some quintessential American pastimes, including deep sea fishing in Key West and dogsledding in Alaska. Watch the duo take on some American adventures with their signature humour and rock n’ roll spirit.  

The UnXplained with William Shatner 
BLAZE, Starts Wednesday 7th October at 9pm 

the unxplained with william shatner


Tune in for the free-to-air premiere of The UnXplained with William ShatnerShatner will explore the bizarre, weird and supernatural phenomenon to try and explain the unexplainable. The perfect spooky telly for October! 


Giro d’Italia 
Quest, Saturday 3rd October 

giro d'italia


Catch the highlights of the 2020 Giro d’Italia, the first Grand Tour of the season. Geraint Thomas will be back on the roads leading Ineos at the Giro d’Italia, along with other big names such as Vuelta Espana winner Simon Yates, defending champion Richard Carapaz and two-time Giro winner Vincenzo Nibali.  

Home Nations: English Open 
Quest, 12th October 

home nations english open snooker


Sports fans can enjoy even more highlights of the 2020 English Open. The world ranking event will feature 128 of the world’s leading snooker players battling it out for the famous Steve Davis Trophy, including Ronnie ‘The Rocket’ O’Sullivan, Judd Trump and Mark Selby.  


Alaskan Bush People, S3C 
DMAX, 6th October 

alaskan bush people dmax


Get up close and personal with a newly discovered family who were born and raised wild deep in the Alaskan wilderness. Often going six to nine months without seeing an outsider, the family have their own accent and dialogue, and sleep together in a one-room cabin. Find out more about their remarkable life away from society and against the elements.  

Building Alaska, S10 
DMAX, 22nd October 

building alaska dmax


Watch as determined individuals battle it out against the elements to make their dream homes out in the Alaskan wilderness. Three new teams are ready to begin their products, but will they be able to tough it out, or will Alaska get the better of them? 

World’s Strangest UFO Stories  
DMAX, Coming soon 

world's strangest ufo stories


Delve into some of the world’s strangest and most iconic UFO stories. From the Roswell incident in 1947 to exploring whether alien activity could truly be linked with the Egyptian pyramids, discover the truth behind the conspiracies with testimony from experts, scientists and sceptics.  


Forbidden History, Season 6 
Yesterday, Sunday 4th October at 9:45pm

forbidden history skull

Jamie Theakston embarks on season 6 of Forbidden History, uncovering the truths behind legends, myths, conspiracy theories, ancient treasures, lost civilsations and secrets of war. From a Japanese treasure horde to the witches of Salem, the mysterious crystal skull and many more mysteries, learn about the history you weren’t taught in school in this all new season. 

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