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Killing Eve series 3: Watch online

Killing Eve series 3 is airing on BBC iPlayer on 13th April, check out the trailer below!


You can binge watch series 1 and 2 currently on iPlayer, that gives you precisely:



to fit all 16 episodes in. We beliEVE in you. (excuse the pun)

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Already seen season 1 and 2?


jodie comer killing eve season 3


Then you're probably sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for season 3 to happen, and we don't blame you. After that shocking cliff-hanger at the end of season 2, we're dying to know what happened to Sandra Oh's character Eve Polastri. Sorry, too soon. Is this a 007 deal? Is she going to spend a year in recovery and return for vengeance? Who knows? She may not have made it, that would be the logical explanation, but surely we don't want it to end like that, and statistically speaking a third series suggests otherwise... 

Give me all of the details👏

We've got you covered. 

You can either watch Killing Eve season 3 in one fell swoop on BBC iPlayer from 13th April 2020 in the UK, or alternatively you can watch the show weekly from Sunday 19th April on BBC One.

You're welcome! 

Please enjoy some pictures from season 3...

joder comer killing eve season 3


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killing eve season 3


killing eve season 3