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What's on Netflix

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The series, based on the book Mind Hunter: Inside FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas, stars Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallant as FBI agents who must delve in the psyches of serial killers in order to solve pending investigations.


Narcos season 3
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The high-octane series continues with Season 3 following the immediate aftermath of Pablo Escobar’s death. Focusing on his raging successor, the Cali Cartel, which took over as leaders in the drug trade in the wake of his demise.

Star Trek: Discovery
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Taking place around 10 years before Captain Kirk's original mission, prepare to explore a realm of new worlds in the latest chapter in the classic sci-fi franchise.


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Jason Bateman is at the centre of this dark crime drama, playing a financial adviser who hauls his family out of Chicago as he launders $500m to stay off a Mexican drug cartel's radar. Netflix has a penchant for bringing us this kind of thing (if you thought there was a whiff of Breaking Bad about this premise, you're not alone) but the series definitely stands on its own, and has received strong reviews thus far. After rifling through the first few episodes over the weekend, we're inclined to agree.

Bojack Horseman
Series 4 available now

It's weird, we'll give you that. Some of the characters are human, some of them are anthropomorphic animals, and none of them seem to care. But in amongst the bizarre and laugh-out-loud humour is real pathos, as former sitcom star Bojack wrestles with decreasing fame and increasing existential angst. Catch up on the first three brilliant series ahead of the new episodes.

The Mist
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Prepare for a scare with this creepy adaptation of one of Stephen King’s most sinister novellas – and that’s saying a lot. As fog rolls over a small town, secrets are revealed and primal urges unleashed. It’s a rampage, and it’s definitely not natural – but can anyone stop it?