I'm missing channels on my 4K TV Box


If you are missing channels on your 4K TV Box, we recommend that you take the following steps.

Check that both your cables are properly plugged into your device and that they are in good condition. 

Then run a channel scan, you can do this from Settings > Freesat Channels > Channel Scan > Begin channel scan.

If the issue persists then it may be that you have a dish misalignment effecting your signal. We would advise that you check your dish and installation set-up, you can search for local installers using the CAI directory here.

If you have followed these steps and find that you are still missing specific channels please use our Support Form to contact our Customer Team or email customerteam@freesat.co.uk. To help us best support you with your enquiry, please confirm what troubleshooting steps you have already followed and what channels are still missing.