I'm having a problem with my Humax box


Box has frozen or is unresponsive

If your box freezes, please turn it off at the mains and wait for thirty seconds before restarting.

If this doesn't resolve it, and you are able to access the menu, the next step would be to try a factory reset via the setting menu. This won't affect any stored recordings, but you will need to reset any planned recordings that you have scheduled.

If your box freezes during a recording, turning it off at the mains will make the recording fail.


Pause & Rewind not working

If your Freesat Smart TV Recorder loses the ability to pause and rewind live TV, this suggests a problem with your hard drive.

First, please ensure you have the latest version of software for your box - you can find out what version you have via system information in the settings menu and checking this against the information displayed on the manufacturer's website.

Once you have validated this, the next step would be to perform a disk cleanup, via the settings menu. This won't affect any stored recordings, but if that fails the next step would be to format the hard drive, which will remove any stored recordings.


Further Humax support

You can browse our set top manuals, including Humax manuals here for more information that may help resolve your issue.

Alternatively you may want to try Humax support directly on their help site here.


Thinking about upgrading?

You may decide that it's time to upgrade to a newer set top box model, for more information on our latest 4K TV Boxes visit the Freesat Webstore.