How are the new boxes different?


Our new 4K TV Boxes have seen developments in several areas:

  • Faster navigation through the different sections of the box 
  • Improved User Interface 
  • New Tuners to allow for 4K signal reception (you will need both a 4K-enabled TV and access to 4K content in order to make the most of this)
  • Compatibility with a wider set of satellite types, including Wideband LNB meaning you can record more programmes at the same time (this will depend on your set up - check the manuals for more information) 

You can find out more about what the new 4K TV Boxes here.

However some things remain the same. You still get: 

  • Access to around 170 channels, including 20 in HD
  • Access to On Demand services - some free, some paid for (which you will need to subscribe to in order to use) 
  • Quick and easy set up