BritBox promotion with Freesat

Thanks for your interest in our BritBox promotion. The promotion is running till 14th May 2021 and your unique voucher code can be redeemed up until the 30th July 2021 23:59 BST.

For more information please see our Freesat FAQs relating to this promotion below.

I am already a BritBox customer can I still take advantage of the offer?

No, only new customers are eligible for this offer.

Is my code unique? Can I share it? 

Yes, it’s unique to you so can’t be shared and can only be used once.

Am I able to use multiple discount codes? 

Customers are only allowed to apply one promo code to their account.

Can I use the code when paying through the app store?

No, unfortunately the code is not valid for App store purchases. To subscribe to BritBox using your Freesat promotional code you must do this via

I haven’t received the email with my unique code in, can you send it to me again?

If you can’t find your follow up email with your unique voucher code from Freesat after verifying your email address, then we would recommend checking your Junk and Spam folders in case the email has been redirected there.

If you still can’t find your email from Freesat with your unique BritBox voucher code, then it may be because you made a typo or added the wrong email address on our verification page.

We would advise that you try again and double check that you have entered the same email address that is registered to your Freesat account into the verification form.

If you are still having issues after completing these steps, then please contact our Customer Team on using the email address that is assigned to your Freesat account, and we can check our systems for you.

My BritBox promo code doesn’t work? I keep seeing a message saying ‘Invalid code’ when I try to redeem my voucher on BritBox?

If your voucher is not working you will immediately get an “invalid code” alert on the screen.

One of the many reasons why the code may not work is that you are not typing it correctly.

If you are using the code directly from your email and it is still not working, it will likely mean that the validity of the code has expired. Your unique Freesat voucher code is valid to redeem up to 30th July at 23:59 BST.  

If your code is correct and you are still within the window to redeem your voucher, then please contact BritBox for additional support.

Chat to BritBox:

Email BritBox:

Call BritBox: 03301232448

How can I cancel my BritBox subscription?

To cancel your BritBox subscription, go to the Account page when you are logged into BritBox and follow the instructions. If you cancel, your subscription will continue until the end of your billing cycle.

Please note that unless required to do so by applicable law, BritBox does not provide refunds for partial billing cycles. If you registered for BritBox and purchased your subscription as an in-app purchase via iOS you can cancel your subscription through the Settings menu on your device.

Will I still be charged for the entire offer period if I cancel during the first month?

No, you will not be charged for the second month of the promo period if you cancel before your billing date.