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Watch the Premier League on Freesat

After a long 100-day hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2019/2020 Premier League is resuming with a choice of games kicking off on the BBC and Pick (ch. 147) this June. We’re excited to announce 29 games airing subscription-free on Freesat, so put your feet up and get ready to welcome back the beautiful game*.

The Premier League is kicking off on the BBC and Pick this June

Football fans get ready, because games will kick off on Pick (ch. 147) from Friday 19th June and BBC One from Saturday 20th June. Want to stay on the ball? We’ve got the so-far announced games airing on Freesat listed down below, so keep this article bookmarked for up-to-date information regarding the Premier League.  

What games are showing on the BBC?

For the first time ever, the BBC will be airing four Premier League games, beginning with Bournemouth v Crystal Palace on Saturday 20th June and Norwich v Everton on Wednesday 24th June. Two more games are yet to be confirmed, and there will also be Match of the Day highlights programmes running alongside so you can stay up-to-date.   

Watch the Premier League on Pick (ch. 147)* 

With eight games already announced, there’ll be plenty of upcoming football coverage on Pick (ch. 147), kicking off with Norwich City v Southampton on Friday 19th June, followed by Newcastle Utd v Sheffield Utd on Sunday 21st June. Check out our current fixture list below for more information.  

Date Match Time Channel
19th June Norwich City v Southampton 6pm Pick (ch. 147)
20th June Bournemouth v Crystal Palace 7.45pm BBC One
21st June Newcastle Utd v Sheffield Utd 2pm  Pick (ch. 147)
21st June Everton v Liverpool  7pm Pick (ch. 147)
22nd June Manchester City v Burnley 8pm Pick (ch. 147)
24th June Norwich v Everton 6pm BBC Two
24th June Manchester Utd v Sheffield Utd 6pm Pick (ch. 147)
25th June Burnley v Watford 6pm Pick (ch. 147)
28th June Watford v Southampton 4.30pm Pick (ch. 147)
1st July Bournemouth v Newcastle Utd 6pm Pick (ch. 147)
4th July Leicester City v Crystal Palace 3pm Pick (ch. 147)
5th July Southampton v Manchester City 7pm BBC One
5th July Burnley v Sheffield Utd 12pm Pick (ch. 147)
7th July Watford v Norwich 6pm Pick (ch. 147)
9th July Bournemouth v Tottenham 6pm Pick (ch. 147)
12th July Wolves v Everton 12pm Pick (ch. 147)
12th July Bournemouth v Leicester 7pm Pick (ch. 147)
13th July Manchester Utd v Southampton 8pm Pick (ch. 147)
14th July Chelsea v Norwich 8.15pm Pick (ch. 147)
15th July Manchester City v Bournemouth 6pm Pick (ch. 147)
16th July Leicester v Sheffield United 6pm Pick (ch. 147)
16th July Everton v Aston Villa 6pm Pick (ch. 147)
17th July West Ham v Watford 8pm Pick (ch. 147)
18th July Norwich v Burnley 5.30pm Pick (ch. 147)
20th July Brighton v Newcastle 6pm  Pick (ch. 147)


Watch our first game on Pick (ch. 147) on Friday 19th June at 6pm. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter so you never miss the latest telly scoops. Want more football? Why not take a trip down memory lane and check out Freesat's top moments from the 1996 Euros 🎉

*Pick channel 147 is only available to customers with a Freesat HD box connected to an HD TV, or a Freesat-enabled HD TV. Pick SD at channel 144 will not be broadcasting the Premier League matches.