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Freesat’s fave Radio 1 Live Lounge covers

Find out Freesat’s favourite BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge covers, from Bruno Mars’s mic drop to Mr. Steal your man Harry Styles with his cover of Juice. It ain’t his fault 🤷

Freesat’s fave Radio 1 Live Lounge covers

We just love the way these artists take a song and make it completely their own, so we had to count down our favourite covers from BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. From Harry Styles’s Cover of Lizzo’s hit Juice (you seriously don’t want to miss it), to Billie Eilish’s acoustic version of Phantogram’s You Don’t Get Me High Anymore, we’re counting down 16 of our favourite Radio 1 Live Lounge covers. 

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1. Bruno Mars - All I Ask (Adele cover)

Co-written by Mars and Adele, All I Ask is a beautifully heart-wrenching pop torch ballad originally sung by Adele for her third studio album, 25. Bruno Mars covers it in the Live Lounge with The Hooligans’ accompaniment and the results just speak for themselves. Watch until the end for that mic drop though...

Original version:

2. John Newman - Run Away With Me (Carly Rae Jepsen cover) 

John Newman brings the feels to this Carly Rae Jepsen song in a BIG way. With his soulful, husky voice, Newman transforms Run Away With Me into a celebration, and with choir accompaniment, the song will definitely make you want to get up and dance around the living room! 

The original:

3. Ed Sheeran - Touch (Little Mix cover) 

Every time we see Ed Sheeran perform, we just can’t help but smile, and his rendition of Little Mix’s Touch has Ed Sheeran written all over it. It’s like he can take any song, and make it sound like one of his own! He doesn’t disappoint in the Live Lounge. 

The original:

4. Bastille - We Can't Stop (Miley Cyrus cover)

Recognise that backing track? Can’t quite put your finger on it? Let’s refresh your memory, because Bastille actually managed to mix up Miley Cyrus’s We Can’t Stop from her Bangerz album with Eminem’s Lose Yourself with the piano riff towards the end of the song. We still can’t figure out how they managed it, or how they thought of it! 

The original:

5. Miley Cyrus - No Tears Left To Cry (Ariana Grande cover)  

The Tennessee pop princess Miley Cyrus comes through for the win with this cover of the emotional ballad No Tears Left To Cry by Ariana Grande. The song, which has a lot of meaning behind it, is given the appreciation it deserves and pays homage to the original in more ways than one. The slower, heavier vocals from Cyrus give the song a slightly edgier vibe and we’re here for it.  

Original version:


6. Shawn Mendes - Fake Love (Drake cover) 

Singing a rap song can go one way or another. Shawn Mendes brings fire to the booth with his rendition of Fake Love by Drake. Taking inspiration from Juice Wrld. and Ed Sheeran, masters in melodic rap, Mendes brings his husky vocals to our favourite Drake song, keeping it simple, yet effective.  

Original version: 


7. Harry Styles - Juice (Lizzo cover) 

That little dance at the beginning hooked us in to be honest, but we were NOT expecting the vocals Harry Styles brought to Juice, originally sung by Lizzo. If this one doesn’t get you dancing, we’re not sure what will! Completely different to his usual style, and very different to his One Direction days, Styles’ rendition of Juice shows the singer’s vocal abilities in a whole new light. Skip to 2:28 to get lost in Harry’s DMs.  

Original version:


8. Blossoms - Better Now (Post Malone cover)

Blossoms bring a jazzy vibe to the Post Malone classic in their cover of Better Now in the Live Lounge, and, like Sheeran, make the song their own. Plus, watching lead singer Tom being unsure of what to do with his arms during the entire video is literally our new favourite thing.  

Original version: 


9. Craig David - Love Yourself (Justin Bieber cover)

This sped up version of Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself is something we didn’t know we needed, and Craig David’s vocals just add to the magic. Known for some of Garage music’s biggest hits, including 7 Days and Rewind, he brings that same style to the Bieber song, even providing a speedy rap before slowing right down to the original style of Love Yourself.  

Original version:

10. AJ Tracey & Jorja Smith - Flowers (Sunship Remix cover)

Continuing the Garage vibe, AJ Tracey and Jorja Smith cover the famous Flowers tune in the Live Lounge, with Jorja’s jazzy Winehouse meets Rihanna vocals (while somehow still being completely unique). They bring the 90s song to life again, and the duo’s voices seem to work perfectly together. It’s not the first time they’ve collaborated, as Smith joined Tracey on a Ladbroke Grove Live Lounge performance on the same day.  

Original version:

11. Imagine Dragons - Blank Space (Taylor Swift cover) 

Unexpected, but not unappreciated, Imagine Dragons cover Taylor Swift's Blank Space in this Live Lounge, and it’s the perfect song to chill to. The harmonies from the band members really bring the lyrics to another level, but the real shock comes at 3:17, when Imagine Dragons remix Stand By Me by Ben E. King into the cover.  

Original version:


12. Billie Eilish - You Don't Get Me High Anymore (Phantogram cover) 

Billie Eilish covers one of her favourite songs by Phantogram in the Live Lounge, and despite her own concerns, she doesn’t bomb it. Sitting on the chair, with her brother Finneas strumming the guitar behind her, Eilish delivers the song in her own style, giving us chills as she always does. Her soft, effortless vocals almost feel like she’s whispering the song to us, which is replicated in her album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?  

Original version:

13. Arctic Monkeys - Hold On, We're Going Home (Drake cover) 

At first, we thought we were being Rickrolled from the 70s vibes in this video, but actually, it’s Arctic Monkeys covering Drake, and, quite frankly, we can’t get over it. Despite more awkward hand movements from a lead singer, this track honestly sounds like a completely different song, almost like it was meant to sound like this. We’re not sure we’re ready to hear it on an Arctic Monkeys album just yet, but we’re hoping this isn’t the only time they’ll perform it.  

Original version:

14. Blossoms - Bury A Friend (Billie Eilish cover) 

If you’re ever searching for a horror movie to watch, and scrolling is getting boring, turn this song on, because it will be sure to get you in the mood for a good scare. Already creepy from Billie Eilish, Blossoms take things to another level, with a bit of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor meets Tame Impala.  

Original version:

15. Jorja Smith - Cry Me A River (Justin Timberlake cover) 

We couldn’t not give a solo spot to Jorja Smith, and with one of our favourite songs, this in an easy win. Her RnB vocals return for this acoustic cover of Justin Timberlake’s single, and the way she wraps up the song only makes us want more. Check out her Live Lounge of Blue Lights, a Jorja Smith original, if you feel the same.  

Original version:

16. Anderson .Paak - Old Town Road (Lil Nas X cover)

Anderson .Paak turns Old Town Road into a funk anthem for the ages in this Live Lounge cover. The English rapper known for hits like Come Down and his recent single Lockdown, visits Lil Nas X’s version of Old Town Road, and with harmonising vocals to accompany him, turns it into a completely different song. Watch Anderson .Paak in Live Lounge now on BBC iPlayer

Original version:

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