Haunted Week on BLAZE

The most haunted shows to watch on BLAZE

Do you sit on the edge of your seat revelling in spine-chilling tales of the supernatural? Are you convinced that paranormal phenomena are real (or at least want to be convinced that it is? The you’re in luck as it’s time for Haunted Week on BLAZE TV, starting from 8pm on Monday 23rd October.

Set to become to the spookiest week of the year, BLAZE will become the “gateway to all things supernatural taking you on a heart-pounding journey of the unknown”.

Paranormal Survivor S1

Wednesday 25th October to Friday 27th October at 9pm

paranormal survivor season 1

Premiering in the UK on BLAZE, season 1 of Paranormal Survivor tells the terrifying tales and life-changing stories of those who have experienced the paranormal.

The series documents the various stories from encounters with poltergeists and elemental spirits, to ghosts from the battlefield and ancestors, detailing the frightening process and details of the various participants.

Haunted Hospitals

Monday 23rd to Friday 27th October at 10pm, continuing on Wednesdays from 1st November at 10pm

haunted hospitals

New to BLAZE. Doctors, nurses and patients share the first-hand accounts of paranormal activity they have experienced inside hospitals, nursing homes, morgues and medical institutions.

From past patients being suspended between this world and the next, with some even coming back to life, to departed medical professionals who ‘hold on’ to oversee their wards long after death, these terrifying eyewitness stories are guaranteed to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

The Mark of the Bell Witch (2020)

Sunday 29th October at 9pm

Horror meets mystery in this docu-film telling the terrifying and true story of the Bell family of Adams in Tennessee. For nearly five years, members of the Bell family were haunted by a spirit seemingly best on destroying their lives, and murdering the patriarch of the family - John Bell. Now viewers can learn the truth behind the incidents that happened that during one of the most famous hauntings in American history.

Ghost Hunters S2

Weekdays from 23rd October at 8pm

ghost hunters season 2

BLAZE brings on of the most successful paranormal series of all time back to TV with Ghost Hunters. Grant Wilson returns, along with a hand-picked team to help people who are struggling with unexplained supernatural phenomena.

Haunted Week starts on BLAZE TV, starting Monday 23rd October at 8pm.

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