Top documentaries on money and finance to watch

Trying to pinch those pennies for the New Year? Learn how to be smarter with your money and get the most out of your finances with these illuminating documentaries on money and finance ūüíį

Money Explained 

Watch on Netflix 


This factual, limited documentary series explores different financial topics exploring the many complexities (and minefields) of money and how we use it in modern life in quick, easily digestible 22-minute episodes. The episodes cover the dangers of get rich quick schemes, as well as credit cards, student loans, gambling and retirement, and with narration from celebs like Jane Lynch, this money documentary series manages to be informative without being dry. Not an easy feat! Watch Money Explained now on Netflix.  

The Martin Lewis Money Show 

Watch on ITV Hub 

the martin lewis money show


Finance expert Martin Lewis is here to help you save money and make your finances go further in this informative and accessible series. From saving money on your energy bills to teaching younger people the basics of personal finance, there’s an episode for every question to help you become a money maestro. Watch The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV Hub.  

Dirty Money 

Watch on Netflix 


Discover the truth behind the system which keeps us spending and break the cycle in your own life. This series explores the corporate greed which traps many in a financial quagmire. From shady loan sharks and high-interest loans to cars that cheat emissions tests, this investigative series will help you spot a con from a mile away and help you be smarter with your money. Watch Dirty Money on Netflix.  

Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home 

Watch on ITV Hub 

ranvir singh in a hot tub


It‚Äôs not just money we‚Äôre trying to save these days ‚Äď many of us are also trying to save the planet without breaking the bank. If you‚Äôre looking for ways to economize and stay green, this series is one for you. Join Ranvir Singh as she follows families turning their homes into stylish, sustainable and budget-friendly eco houses. Watch it now on¬†ITV Hub.¬†

The Minimalists: Less is Now 

Watch on Netflix  


This¬†one's¬†a bit different.¬†Rather than being about money-saving per se, it‚Äôs about a lifestyle shift that many of us reach towards in the New Year ‚Äď in this case, to declutter your life and wellbeing, which can also help curb impulsive spending on¬†things you don‚Äôt need. This documentary follows minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus along with other converted minimalists to see how¬†doing a proper clear out can help you focus on what‚Äôs¬†really¬†meaningful¬†to you¬†(while also helping keep your bank balance looking healthy).¬†Watch¬†The Minimalists: Less is Now¬†on Netflix.¬†¬†

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