Freesat 4K TV Box Remote Control
Remotes are included in the sale when you buy any Freesat TV Box, but if you're looking for a replacement remote, fancy having a spare handy or have Freesat hooked up to multiple TVs in your home, you've come to the right place! With the Freesat 4K TV Box Remote Control, you’ll have all of Freesat’s great features at your fingertips.


The perfect companion for:

The Recordable 4K TV Box

Stream On Demand content, record unmissable programmes or pause live TV so you can make yourself a cup of tea. Available in 500GB (approx. 250 SD hours), 1TB (approx. 500 SD hours) and 2TB (approx. 1000 SD hours) models.

pvr 4k tv box freesat

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Non-recordable 4K TV Box

Perfect for anyone who loves free to air TV but also has a thirst for great On Demand content. 

zapper 4k tv box freesat

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Freesat 4K TV Box Remote Control

No, this is a standard infra-red remote control device. 

The remote requires 2x AAA batteries. Batteries are not included.

Programme your Freesat remote in a few easy steps.

Yes, there are six frequencies that you can tune your remote to. Find out how to change your remote frequency so it doesn't clash with other devices in your home.