Prince William: A Planet for Us All

Prince William is starring in a very special new environmental documentary for ITV. With exclusive access to the Prince across two years, the documentary film shows us a new side to Prince William as he champions action to save the natural world, as well as celebrate the work of local heroes.

What’s it about?  


In the 90 minute long documentary film, we’ll get to see the Prince as we’ve never seen him before as he travels around the world on his mission to promote environmental conservation. The documentary will see him travel to Pakistan, Tanzania and the UK, visiting melting glaciers in the Hindu Kush mountains and meeting endangered rhinos to see just some of the wildlife and natural world which is currently at risk.  

“Someone has to put their head above the parapet and say, I care about this...To have the belief that if we all work together we can make a difference.” 

The film crew followed Prince William across the world for two years as he searched for ways to protect the natural world. The Duke of Cambridge says he has always loved the natural world, and is passionate about inciting action for conservation and climate change, believing that young people are the key to a more sustainable relationship with the environment. As a father of three, he wants to leave behind a better world for future generations.  

“Now I’ve got George, Charlotte, and now Louie in my life, your outlook does change. You want to hand [the wildlife] over to the next generation in the best possible condition.” 

The documentary will also feature appearances from the Duchess of Cambridge, as well as the legendary broadcaster and conservationist Sir David Attenborough. In fact, the two men met again this weekend to watch David Attenborough’s new documentary, A Life on Our Planet, together in the garden of Kensington Palace.  

The Prince hopes that this documentary will inspire young people and local communities to form a more positive relationship with the environment moving forward, and that their voices will start to be heard by older politicians for real change to be made. He stresses that we need to “speed up the pace” and take action now before it's too late.  

When is it on? 

You can watch Prince William: A Planet for Us All on Monday 5th October at 9pm on ITV (Freesat channel 103). Mark your calendar to make sure you don’t miss this unique and incredibly personal documentary with our future King.  

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