Top picks on Netflix

We've picked a range of series and films to watch right now on Netflix, available on Humax Freesat boxes from £5.99 a month. And best of all, you can try the first month for free. 

Orange is the New Black

Season 5 now available to watch 

There are now not four but five arresting series available to steal your time, and after the series four cliffhanger we’re dying to know Humphrey’s fate. Part irreverent comedy, part hard-hitting drama, join the inmates at Litchfield Prison as they fight for their rights.



New comedy available from Friday 23rd June

'Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling'. It doesn't quite sound like a world ripe for comedy-drama, but we can't wait to try out this vibrant show. Set in the 1980s, it tells the almost-true story of the down-on-their-luck actresses recruited to be the first women wrestlers in the world.

Better Call Saul

New episode every Tuesday

Patience is a virtue. After beginning at a measured pace, the Breaking Bad spin-off/prequel is now shifting through the gears as season three shapes up to be the most exciting to date.

Master of None

Full series available now

Aziz Ansari's wonderfully observed comedy has returned, and season two's batch of unique episodes look to have garnered even higher acclaim than the first. With Dev back in New York following his Italian excursion, new challenges await in his love, work and family life.

House of Cards

Full series available now

One nation, Underwood.

The master of manupulation is back in full force, and season five has proved every bit as dramatic (and devious) as we'd hoped for. If you're yet to make a start on this series, we suggest getting your act together now - you won't want to miss this.