We've picked a range of series and films to watch right now on Netflix, available on Humax Freesat boxes from £5.99 a month. And best of all, you can try the first month for free. 


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It’s twist after 180° turn in this intense, mind-blowing documentary. Bryan Fogel was investigating sport doping when the New York Times broke the story that got Russia kicked out of the Olympics – and suddenly his primary source goes on the run, with colleagues dead in a government conspiracy that goes right to the top.


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Jason Bateman is at the centre of this dark crime drama, playing a financial adviser who hauls his family out of Chicago as he launders $500m to stay off a Mexican drug cartel's radar. Netflix has a penchant for bringing us this kind of thing (if you thought there was a whiff of Breaking Bad about this premise, you're not alone) but the series definitely stands on its own, and has received strong reviews thus far. After rifling through the first few episodes over the weekend, we're inclined to agree.


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'Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling'. It doesn't quite sound like a world ripe for comedy-drama, but we can't wait to try out this vibrant show. Set in the 1980s, it tells the almost-true story of the down-on-their-luck actresses recruited to be the first women wrestlers in the world.

Orange is the New Black

Season 5 available now 

There are now not four but five arresting series available to steal your time, and after the series four cliffhanger we’re dying to know Humphrey’s fate. Part irreverent comedy, part hard-hitting drama, join the inmates at Litchfield Prison as they fight for their rights.

Marvel's The Defenders

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A blind ninja, a bulletproof behemoth, a kid with a magic punch and girl power incarnate. Individually, they're a force to be reckoned with - together they just might be unstoppable. But something's not quite right in New York in this hotly-anticipated comic book drama. Have they taken on more than they can handle?