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Concrete Cowboy 

Streaming in May on Netflix 

A troubled teen spends his summer in North Philadelphia, but finds himself caught between a life of crime and his estranged father’s vibrant urban-cowboy subculture – which road will he go down?  

Why should you watch it? 

Concrete Cowboy isn’t like anything we’ve heard of, so we’re expecting it to be a game changer, and stars the multi-talented Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin who you may recognise from Netflix's hit series Stranger Things


Now streaming on Netflix 

The cool mom is back as Amy Poehler stars in the new Netflix film Moxie, based on the high school experience of her 16-year-old daughter Vivian (Hailey Robinson), who has always preferred to keep her head down and fly under the radar. That is until she discovers that when her mother was her age, she was protesting everything, left right and centre. She decides to follow in her mother’s rebellious footsteps and publishes an underground zine called Moxie to expose bias and wrongdoing in her high school, which sparks a movement between the students.   

Why should you watch it?  

This is one of those films we all wished came out when we were in high school, and will truly be a pop culture reference for years to come for teens currently in school. It’s like the Gen Z version of Mean Girls

A Week Away 

Streaming from 26th March on Netflix 

High School Musical meets Yes God Yes, a mix you didn’t know you needed. Bailee Madison stars alongside Kevin Quinn, a troubled teen who has a run in with the law that has him choosing between juvenile detention or attending a Christian summer camp. He chooses the latter, and soon finds that he has fallen in love with a camp regular.   

Why should you watch it? 

If you live vicariously through teen musicals, what are you waiting for? Other than until it’s the 26th March. A Week Away is a fun movie, it’s going to keep you entertained and you may get a song or two stuck in your head.   


Now streaming on Prime Video

You can now watch this award-winning, spectacular thriller that will leave you feeling uneasy, happy and sad all at once over on Prime Video. The film, which won four Oscars and has a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, is something unlike we’ve ever seen before, and is definitely worth a watch. That’s our Friday night sorted! Check out a clip from the film below:  


Now streaming on Prime Video

Not one to miss in your lifetime, 1917 won 7 BAFTA awards and was directed by Oscar winner Sam Mendes. Filmed in one entire shot, 1917 is a story of two young British soldiers during the height of the First World War who must cross over into enemy territory to deliver an important message that could stop a deadly attack on their fellow comrades. Check out the trailer of this spectacular film below:  


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