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Explosive TV moments

Remember, remember, the fifth of November, bust-ups and rows, here's the lot! 
With Fireworks Night fresh in our minds, it felt only right that we should take a minute to reminisce over some of the most explosive moments in television history. From break-up sitcom scenes, to reality TV showdowns, here are six firework TV moments that would have even Guy Fawkes shaking in his boots...

Eastenders: A double slap and clap


Bow down to the Queens. Peggy Mitchell and Pat Butcher were the OGs of explosive rows during their time in Albert Square and their fascinating relationship led to some seriously memorable moments. One of the finest shockers occured in 2000, when Peggy gathered everyone in the pub for an important announcement. Upon discovering Frank’s letter declaring he was leaving her for Pat, Peggy decided to read it out in front of an audience. And before we'd had a moment to recover from the pure awkwardness of her speech, she'd slapped the unfaithful pair square across the face and declared, "Hope you all enjoyed the fireworks. Good night." The scene finished with the cherry on the cake: a slow clap from Phil Mitchell. Impeccable. 

The Great British Bake Off: Bingate

Speaking of cake... Pat and Peggy's face-off might have escalated to the point of physical violence, but this Bake Off episode was dripping with so much passive aggressive behaviour that we think it may have shocked us even more. The jaw-dropping drama occurred during series five of the usually charming baking show, when contestant Diana shocked the nation by removing fellow baker Iain's baked alaska from the fridge. Furious, Iain then proceeded to throw his melted creation into the bin, leaving viewers totally gobsmacked. 

Friends: We were on a break!


Some of the best rows on the beloved sitcom Friends can be attributed to characters Ross and Rachel. The most famous of which has to be the time Ross slept with another woman after Rachel suggested they take a break. His infidelity resulted in a furious row, followed by one of the most heart-wrenching breakups we've ever seen. Plus, it birthed the legendary Friends quote: "WE WERE ON A BREAK!"

Celebrity Big Brother: Kim Woodburn's "Adulterer"

It's fair to say Kim pretty much stole the show during the 2017 edition of Celebrity Big Brother. Her short temper and hilarious one-liners made her nothing short of TV gold. And, of course, her stand-out moment of the series had to be the almighty 'You adulterer!' rant, in which she was physically removed from the Big Brother house by security. Kim, we don't know what we did to deserve you but we are most certainly not worthy.

Doctor Foster: Dinner party gone wrong


This episode of Doctor Foster had us gasping at our TV screens. The first series of the drama climaxed with a dinner party gathering at which vengeful Gemma exposed Simon’s villainy and revealed his affair with Kate in front of the whole table, as well as breaking doctor-patient confidentiality and informing Kate's parents of their daughter's pregnancy. And, as if that wasn't enough drama, Kate then only goes and bonks Gemma around the back of the head! The whole thing was absolute carnage and we loved every minute of it.

Coronation Street: The tram crash


This TV moment was quite literally explosive. Broadcast live as a part of the show's 50th anniversary celebrations, this episode saw a tram fall on the street with devastating consequences. The incident devastated the community and resulted in the death of characters Ashley Peacock and Molly Dobbs. The special episode attracted over 14 million viewers and resulted in Corrie's highest audience for seven years.