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The best book to tv adaptations

It's World Book Day tomorrow, so what better way to celebrate than by giving you the low-down on all the book to TV/Film adaptations available on Freesat this week?

We like books, but we love TV, so we've scoured this week's TV listings for our favourite book adaptations on this week! Do you prefer to read the book or watch the show first? Head over to our Twitter or Facebook page to let us know!

Angels & Demons, 5Star
Wednesday 4th, 11pm

Adapted from the well-known novel by Dan Brown, Angels and Demons follows an expert in religion who is contacted by the Vatican when the Illuminati plot to destroy the church. The book was originally published in 2000 and contains wonderful ambigrams created by typographer John Langdon. Ambigrams are forms of word art that can be interpreted and read in more ways than one! 

From Latin: ambi both + gram = letter

angels and demons 2009

Our top pick this week is...

Noughts & Crosses, BBC1
Thursday 5th, 9pm

The Noughts & Crosses novels are written by English author Malorie Blackman, telling a story set in a dystopian future, following the lives of two particular people, Sephy and Callum. The BBC adaptation is set in a world where native African people have an all over advantage over European people, ruling them and enslaving them. When the novel first released there was plenty of controversy surrounding it, and this has resurfaced for the TV adaptation, with many comparing the show to A Handmaid's Tale, a known-to-be controversial adaptation itself. And though it may be set in a parallel future, it nevertheless displays themes that occur in society today. 

noughts and crosses tv adaptation

Body of Lies, Sony Movies
Friday 6th, 9pm

Adapted from David Ignatius' spy novel of the same name, Body of Lies is a gripping story about a CIA operative who travels to Jordan to track a high-ranking terrorist, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. In short, the novel follows Roger Ferris as he prepares a body of lies using the corpse of an imaginary CIA officer who has recruited an agent within the enemy ranks. Intrigued yet?

The novel was originally titled Penetration, but was later renamed when Warner Bros purchased the rights and turned it into a film just two years later in 2008.

body of lies leonardo dicaprio and russell crowe

Lost Lives, BBC2
Saturday 7th, 10pm

Originally published in 1999 by David McKittrick, Lost Lives documents the deaths caused by the Northern Island Troubles. Unconcerned by political bickering, McKittrick explores the lives of those that have suffered directly from over three decades of conflict, including and never forgetting the RUC officer, the IRA volunteer, the young soldier, the Catholic mother, the loyalist paramilitary, the Protestant worker, and the newborn baby. 

The major film includes readings from Liam Neeson and Roma Downey. Watch it this Saturday at 10pm on BBC2. 

lost lives tv adaptation

Doc Martin, ITV3
Friday 6th, 9pm 

So technically this series was a TV show first! It was written as a book after, since it was such a hit for TV fans everywhere, so now you can catch all of the hilarious action not only from the brilliant Martin Clunes, but through the medium of reading! Doc Martin: Practice Makes Perfect by Sam North is available for pre-order now, but if you can't wait, you can catch series 9 restarting this Friday at 9pm on ITV3! 

Not only has Ebury confirmed one novel, they'll also be releasing A Doc Martin Christmas in November! What more could we ask for?

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