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The best Royal Family docs to watch

It’s with great sadness that we have learnt of the death of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh today (09/04/21). We've rounded up some of the best Royal Family documentaries available now, and will be sure to update this article with dedicated tributes to the Prince’s remarkable life, as content becomes available.


Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers 

BBC One, Wednesday 22nd September at 9pm + stream on BBC iPlayer  

prince philip


The 10th of June 2021 would’ve been the Duke of Edinburgh’s 100th birthday before he sadly passed away in April of this year. Created originally to celebrate his birthday, this documentary sees members of the royal family, including the children of the Queen and Prince Philip, remember and pay tribute to Prince Philip, the longest-serving royal consort in history to remember both his contribution to the royal family and his unique personality.  


The Queen Unseen 

Watch on ITV Hub

young queen elizabeth II with home camera


For her reign, the Queen has been both a public figure, her face absolutely everywhere in our day to day lives (on money especially) and also incredibly private. She has both a public and private birthday, and despite the many scandals of the Royal family, she herself has kept schtum. Now, for the first time in 68 years, The Queen Unseen uncovers a glimpse of the real Queen with previously unseen home films, newly digitalised material from 116 countries she’s visited over the years and informal footage. Lift the mask and show the Queen as a mother, wife, farmer, animal-lover and even comedian to get an idea of who she really is. 

Elizabeth and Margaret: Love & Loyalty 

Available on my5 

the queen and princess margaret


Though in many ways they couldn’t be more different, the bond between these two sisters in such a unique position in history was incredibly strong. Despite differences in status, numerous scandals, conflict, love affairs gone wrong and the Crown looming above their relationship, Elizabeth and Margaret remained incredibly close. This documentary explores their fascinating relationship over the years, their love, and of course their loyalty to one another and the crown. Watch Elizabeth and Margaret on My5.  

Plus, every Saturday make sure you tune into Channel 5 at 9pm for new royal family themed documentaries. 

The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess  

Available on ITV Hub 

diana panorama interview


Decades before the Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah, Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, gave a similar shocking, tell all interview which shook the Royal family to the core. The now infamous Panorama interview is still remembered today. Find out the true story behind the interview as friends of the princess describe the marital issues of the royal couple and events which pushed Diana to breaking point, and how the interview threw the monarchy into a constitutional crisis. Watch The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess now on ITV Hub.  

My Years with the Queen

Available on ITV Hub 

lady pamela hicks


In this one-off documentary, Lady Pamela Hicks, the daughter of Lord Mountbatten and great-great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, cousin to Prince Philip and second cousin to the Queen, talks for the very first time about her life growing up within the Royal family and tells her memories of her relationship with the Queen.  

Lucy Worsley’s Royal Palace Secrets 

Streaming on BBC iPlayer

lucy worsley's royal palace secrets


The historian goes behind closed doors at three treasure-filled royal palaces to uncover how each building has shaped a monarchy and a nation. With exclusive access to the palaces' most secret places, she uncovers the dramatic events that changed the course of British history, from might and intimidation at the Tower of London and the rise and fall of absolute monarchy at Hampton Court, to the modern face of royalty at Kensington Palace.

The Fall of Anne Boleyn 

Available on My5

anne boleyn looking out of window


This three-episode series is back on 5Select. Through the series, historian Tracy Borman explores Anne Boleyn’s final days, hour by hour, starting on the day of her arrest in episode one. Episode two, Trial, will air immediately after at 10pm to take a closer look at Anne Boleyn’s trial in the Tower of London. Accused of adultery and treason, Tracy tries to find out if Anne had a fair hearing with help from papers in the National Archive.  

The final episode, Execution, follows at 11pm. For the last episode in the series, Tracy looks back at the details of the day of Anne’s execution on Friday 19th May 1536. Discover how Anne hoped the King would save her at the last moment, and fascinating details about the unusual method of execution, as well as an intriguing discovery about the timeline of the day. Watch now on My5.  

Royal Murder Mysteries 

Available on UKTV Play 

reenactment of the romanov family photo


With incredible power and riches at stake, sometimes the line to the throne turns deadly. Watch on UKTV Play to explore some of history’s most suspicious royal deaths. From the mysterious death of King Ludwig of Bavaria in 1886 to the death of the Romanovs, discover some of royal history’s greatest conspiracies and murders. 

Royal Documentaries on Netflix


The Story of Diana 

princess diana in tiara


Explore the exceptional life of Princess Diana in this personal and inspiring documentary. Featuring interviews with her brother and others who knew her best, this moving 2-part documentary traces her life from a lonely young girl to a fairytale bride, on to becoming a powerful, influential woman and covering her tragic and shocking death.  

The Royal House of Windsor 

For true fans of the royals, you won’t find a more comprehensive documentary than The Royal House of Windsor. This documentary series follows the royal dynasty over the last 100 years, exploring how the royals have adapted and survived to create the image of the royal family we know today. Catch it on Netflix.   

Queen Victoria and her Nine Children 

queen victoria and her nine children


When her beloved husband Prince Albert suddenly died, the devastated queen went into mourning for the rest of her life. Hardened and bitter, she struggled to mourn, perform her royal duties and continue to raise her nine children. Discover more about the famous queen’s complex relationship with her many children with the use of letters, diary entries and archival evidence.  

The Queen Mother 

the queen mother


Through the scandal of the abdication, World War II and beyond, the Queen Mother was consistently seen as a symbol of stability – both popular and warm, but with an iron will. From dealing with her sudden role as queen to guiding her husband, and then daughter, to wear the crown, this documentary explores the Queen Mother’s life and how she forged a new path for herself after the death of her beloved husband Bertie.  

Diana: 7 Days That Shook the World 

prince charles with young prince william and harry


This documentary examines the immediate and painful aftermath after Princess Diana’s tragic death in Paris. From the public’s outcry of grief to the Queen’s slow response and the decision for the young Prince William and Prince Harry to walk behind their mother’s coffin, revisit the dramatic week leading up to Diana’s funeral.  

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