My Freesat app isn’t working.  What can I do?


If you are having stability issues with the app, try the following alternatives to try to fix it:

  • Check your phone has the most up to date OS version as the app may not support older software versions.
  • If that doesn’t work, uninstall and re-download the Freesat app onto your device.
  • Please note, that you’ll need to log in again to use some features.

If you continue to experience issues after taking these steps, please complete our Support form (available in the bottom right of your screen) to contact our Customer Team and detail the following:

  •  What troubleshooting steps you have already carried out
  •  What type of device you are using the app on (iOS or Android)
  •  What version of the Freesat App you have installed 
  •  What Freesat device you have (e.g. 4K TV Box or Humax)