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BBC HD Service Update (October 2018)

Service Update: BBC HD Transponder Update (October, 2018)

The BBC have made some changes to the transponders carrying their HD channels, which could result in some BBC HD channels not displaying correctly, or showing signs that they have lost signal. Customers experiencing this issue are advised to follow these steps until the issue is resolved:

  1. Change channels, and check if the issue is resolved when they tune back
  2. Remove power from their product, then re-connect and re-start; check if the channels can now be received
  3. Carry out a Freesat Channel Scan

If the issue continues, then your satellite dish installation may require to be checked. More information is available via the BBC website -

Panasonic devices

Please note that some older Panasonic Freesat PVR devices and TVs might struggle to handle the revised DVB-S2 transmission mode the BBC are implementing. The potential impact of this is that BBC HD services may either suffer from reception issues or have no reception at all.  BBC SD services will be unaffected.  Impacted viewers with an internet-connected smart TV and a sufficient-speed broadband line will still be able to watch all our channels via BBC iPlayer.

For more information and a full list of the Panasonic devices affected, please visit

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