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Arranging Freesat installation

You can purchase installation from your Freesat-approved retailer at the same time as you buy your Freesat digital box or Freesat TV.

Freesat has worked with all our retailers to ensure that they are able to offer an excellent installation service. Rest assured we only work with approved installers who meet the required industry standards.

If you didn't book an installation when you bought your Freesat box or Freesat TV, you can speak to us on 0345 313 0051, and we'll arrange it for you.

A standard dish installation with two feeds to your box, (which allows you to record one channel while watching another), is normally £94.99. Installing a dish with a single satellite feed (for basic Freesat boxes that don't record) is usually £79.99. If you already have a dish and simply wish to install cables to another room, this is normally £64.99.

Because installations are provided by third parties, prices can vary depending on the layout of your property and location of your TV. Please talk to your Freesat-approved retailer for more information.

Freesat has worked hard to ensure that anyone using the Freesat name and trademark has signed up to our service levels and quality measures. Your local installer may be able to install Freesat for you, but we are unable to provide any further advice or support where we do not have a relationship through a retailer, distributor or installer.

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